SB-613 Talking Points

Please be our grassroots partner to pass the 2015 Public Health and Drinking Water Protection Act.

Why is this special?
SB613 is the first bill in the history of Oregon that focuses on protecting human health and drinking water in forestry and agricultural practices.

Why should you be involved?
We need your stories. We need your perspective! Tell Governor Brown and Oregon lawmakers that it is time to end pesticide drift and chemical trespass that poisons communities and drinking water.

Sending personalized emails is far more effective than e-form emails, so we ask you to take a moment to express yourself.

Importantly, no matter what you write about, you could stress the following truth about Oregon’s Forest Laws: Oregon has the weakest laws of all the Pacific Northwest states, including Alaska, Washington, Idaho and California. The same timber companies operate in all these states, and have no problem enacting health and ecosystem protections by requiring:

• protective buffer zones,
• advanced public notification,
• accurate record keeping requirements

They have been obeying strong laws in other states for decades! Don’t allow the timber industry to tell you otherwise.

Here are some suggested themes you could write a short email about:

1. Do you have a personal pesticide exposure story from an agricultural or forestry pesticide spray? Tell a bit about it and how it made you feel!

2. The sound of a helicopter coming over your property should not be your first warning about a pesticide spray near your home! People have the basic human right to safety and privacy on their own property. People have the right to receive advanced notification of an aerial pesticide spray so that they can shelter their families, pets and livestock from pesticide drift.

3. Spray drift happens. These chemical tank mixtures contain ultra-hazardous nerve toxins, carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Legislators must protect health and safety for all Oregonians by supporting no-spray buffer zones.

4. The Oregon Board of Forestry and Department of Forestry have never done anything to protect the public, fish and wildlife from pesticide drift despite the public’s demand for protections for many years. Governor Brown and legislators need to make laws now, and not wait for agencies to continue to stall this process.

5. Many pesticides are persistent in water and soil. We owe it to the future generation not to poison drinking water. Tell Governor Brown and your legislator: Protect Oregon’s clean drinking water now!

6. Fish and wildlife are sensitive to pesticide poisons – it can impact their ability to smell, mate, eat and give birth to healthy offspring. Stop the practices of poisoning ecosystems by aerial pesticide sprays.

7. Pesticides are dangerous chemicals, and that is why the State must require accurate record keeping from pesticide users.

8. Emergency preparedness is part of the State’s responsibility to protect public safety! Oregon’s Health Agency needs the authority and funding to investigate suspected pesticide poisonings and help communities when there is a poisoning emergency.

We need your help! Thank You!

Won’t you join us in imagining, and working for, a world beyond toxics?

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