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NEWS UPDATE: (Feb. 23, 2016)
Over 33,000 Americans have pledged to stop shopping at Ace Hardware & True Value until they stop selling bee-killing pesticides! | Beyond Toxics & Friends of the Earth 2-23-16 Press Release (PDF) – Learn how a Portland True Value hardware store is leading the way!

Tell The Ace and True Value CEOs you support the survival of bees!
Sign the pledge to shop elsewhere this Spring until Ace and True Value Hardware have committed to remove from their shelves products containing neonicotinoid pesticides, including garden plants injected with bee-killing pesticides. |

Read the FOE bee-friendly gardening fact sheet (PDF) – some of the neonicotinoid products to avoid


(Dec. 3, 2015) Home Depot announced they are phasing out the sale of all products that contain neonicotinoids and plants that are pre-sprayed! Beyond Toxics is part of the national bee coalition that worked together to demand that Home Depot ban neonicotinoid insecticides.

Beyond Toxics has signed on to this exciting new bee protection campaign targeting retailers Ace Hardware and True Value…

Read the November 15 Portland, OR Press Release for our Bee Swarm event

Beyond Toxics board member, Joanne Skirving, and others joined us to thank Hankins Hardware for taking neonics off their shelves!

Beyond Toxics board member, Joanne Skirving (left), and others joined us to thank Hankins Hardware for taking neonics off their shelves!

NEWS coverage
Portland hardware store gets rid of bee-killing pesticides – KATU-TV – Nov 15, 2015

This effort is part of a national coalition of environmental groups working to get big brand name stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value and Ace Hardware) to stop selling bee-killing pesticide products made for consumers.

Our front yard garden in front of Hankins Hardware…we are proud it is an organic garden. That garden needs bees to be a fruitful and healthy.” ~ Lois Hankins, co-owner of Hankins True Value Hardware Store in Portland

from the Oct. 30th Ace Hardware press release…
“Ace Hardware Corporation is willing to move away from the sale of products containing neonicotinoids by spring of 2019, as new and appropriate replacement products are offered by its suppliers.” (Read full press release: Statement from Ace Hardware Corporate HQ)

Our response:
While we appreciate Ace Hardware’s thoughtful announcement, the bees–and humanity–cannot afford to wait until 2019. There is already a widespread, national movement to move away from the use of neonicotinoids on the part of responsible nurseries and related businesses. Bees are dying in unprecedented numbers across the US. Where are our national retailers? We need action!


Read the 2 bee coalition letters to the CEOs of Ace Hardware and True Value (Beyond Toxics is a co-signer for both): Ace | True Value

“Retailers across the country are stepping up to the plate and eliminating bee-killing pesticides.
Ace and True Value must listen to the science and consumer demand and follow their lead in protecting these essential pollinators.” (FULL press release)


Download and print out either (or both) letters to Ace and True Value and mail them out with your note and signature!


The body of science demonstrating that neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees and broader ecosystems continues to grow. At the end of August, the European Food and Safety Administration released its findings from research analyzing the impacts three neonicotinoid pesticides have on pollinators when applied in foliar sprays. EFSA found “high risks” for pollinators, from honey bees to solitary bees, from these sprays, matching earlier research into neonicotinoids applied in granules and seed treatments.


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