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We need your help TODAY to continue a very special project in coordination with Huerto de la Familia in West Eugene: a Native Pollinator Demonstration Garden! (see photos below of our ground-breaking work party a few weeks ago)

We support the work of Huerto de la Famila, a local non-profit that helps Latino families grow and harvest their own culturally-appropriate food in several gardens spread throughout Lane County.

During a garden tour last October we realized something simple: more healthy native bees with plenty of food and water available year-round means healthier plants and a better harvest for the families that that rely on this low-income garden space. When our native pollinator demonstration garden is finished, we will realize that bountiful harvest. A single bee has the potential to provide gardeners with at least 125 pounds of fresh produce each year. And we’re creating habitat for hundreds of endangered native bees.

We’ll also use this working model of an organic, pollinator-friendly garden to teach gardeners how to make it work for themselves in their own gardens…it’s a win-win-win!

This symbiotic relationship – between gardeners and those working to encourage bee habitat development – may be a model for a future that promotes sustainability and leads to a strengthened community better able to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

Start-up costs: approximately $4,000

What we’re raising money for:

* garden maintenance and upkeep (est. = $3,000)
* native pollinator plant seeds
* building bee habitat
* signage

Example of a native bee house/hotel (what we build may look different)

1 $30 bee hotel has the potential to provide habitat for approx. 200 bees
1 $50 bee hotel has the potential to provide habitat for approx. 500 bees.
1 $100 bee hotel has the potential to provide habitat for approx. 1,500 bees!



We’re hoping you will bee as excited about this project as we are! If you’d like to support our work, please DONATE to our special campaign today!

Photo gallery of the November 18th ground-breaking work party

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