Our Goals for 2019

Beyond Toxics provides leadership for a clean and just Oregon.
We partner with frontline communities and support their leadership to build a statewide environmental justice movement.


Environmental Justice and Vulnerable Communities

  • Build a strong statewide environmental justice movement.
  • Organize at the grassroots level to support leadership in low-income, rural communities and communities of color to build collective power.
  • Partner and support Latinx, farm worker advocates and black communities fighting to protect themselves from chemical trespass and proactively resisting corporate dominance.
  • Build collective power in frontline communities.
  • Engage communities around the intersectionality between environment, climate and racial justice.
  • Be an active, supportive and visionary member of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance.

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Agriculture and Forest Practices Act Reform

  • Using the lens of climate justice, overhaul the Oregon Forest Practices Act to eliminate industrial practices of aerially sprayed pesticides, clear cutting, and short rotations on tree plantations.
  • Fight for diverse forest ecosystems and organic farming practices that protect public health and drinking water in rural Oregon, capture carbon, benefit rural Oregonians, and protect farm and forest workers.
  • Support communities to end pesticide poisoning in southern Oregon, working through our Rogue Valley office, board members and staff.

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See Our Accomplishments for 2018


Save Oregon’s Pollinators – Protect Oregon’s Soils and Waters

  • Eliminate neonicotinoid pesticides in policy, law and practice to ensure the survival of endangered pollinators.
  • Advocate for food sovereignty and access to healthy soils and culturally appropriate foods for impacted communities.
  • Ensure just access to a secure local food web for all.
  • Expand our Non Toxic Oregon initiative to help Oregon’s cities transition from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to safe and cost-effective alternatives for people, pollinators, pets, and the planet.
  • Eliminate classes of chemicals known to bio-accumulate and persist in soil and water.

See Our Accomplishments for 2018


Proactively Organize to Achieve Climate Justice and Ambitious Carbon Reductions

  • Reduce the contribution of chemical pollution to climate change.
  • Demand accountability for greenhouse gas emissions by the timber and agriculture industries.
  • Build community capacity to address and limit climate pollution.
  • Join with allies to transition Oregon from a fossil fuel infrastructure to a just and clean energy future.

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See Our Accomplishments for 2018

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