2017 Beauty of The Bee Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to our TOP WINNERS (see below): Elise Fog, Sherrie Pelsma and Greg Giesy! Congratulations also to our terrific Honorable Mentions (see below): Donald Gudehus and Sharon Schmidt!

1) Elise Fog, “Digger bee female collecting pollen from lupins”

Photo by Elise Fog

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly).
“Without bees, we would face an impoverished diet (lacking in vital nutrients), food chains depending on smaller animals (that eat seeds and berries) would fall apart, colorful flowering plants would disappear, and ecosystems would be in critical danger of collapse.”

2) Sherrie Pelsma, “Messy Bumble”

Photo by Sherrie Pelsma

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly).
“Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem. Not only are they vital to our own food production but to the food production of nearly every major ecosystem on the planet. Imagine the permanent sterilization and extinction of most of the worlds flowering plants and trees, to all the creatures that rely on those plants and trees as a form of food, shelter, and survival. I am deeply concerned about the collapse of entire biospheres and mass extinction that will occur if we lose bees and other pollinators.

Thus I have taken matters into my own hands locally and have begun my own pollinator conservation project in my spare time, in my neighborhood. This is not enough, as leaders have the power to make large sweeping significant changes, such as the banning of systemic pesticides which have been in use for decades and are unnecessary to our well-being.”

3) Greg Giesy, “Bee on Pennyroyal at Bertelsen Nature Park”

Photo by Greg Giesy

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly).
“Bees as pollinators are an important part of the ecosystem. Keeping a healthy environment requires several pieces to be in place. Pollinators are one of the key pieces.”

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention: Donald Gudehus, “A Mountain Carpenter Bee aka Foothill Carpenter Bee taken at 1/8000 sec.”

Photo by Donald Gudehus

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly).
“Bees are our friends. They help us by pollinating the plants we love, and providing us with honey. They need our
help to survive in an increasingly unfriendly natural environment.”

Honorable Mention: Sharon Schmidt, no title

Photo by Sharon Schmidt

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly). 
“We are here for such a brief period of time. I hope we can all learn to appreciate and sustain the beauty of all living things. Because our stay on this planet has been so short it is easy to forget how profoundly we have affected our earth mother. I hope our attention to pollinators serves to decrease our egocentricity.”

Director’s Choice Award: Travis Owen, “Agapostemon on Wyethia angustifolia

Photo by Travis Owen

Tell our leaders why it’s so important to save bees now (briefly).
Bees, wasps, and all pollinators are not only important for our food system, but are also important for pollinating flowers of plants that feed other creatures, and are even a source of food themselves for higher life forms like songbirds and reptiles. Of course pollinators are also crucial for keeping ecosystems balanced by creating healthy and genetically diverse plant communities. Bees and other pollinators are interesting, beautiful, and inspirational in their diversity.


Congratulations to our TOP VIDEO WINNERS…

Title: “Beauty of the Bee” | https://youtu.be/CR11937zei4


Title: “Osmia foraging on CA compassplant” | https://youtu.be/smzrQNQGQDc