Concerns over health issues about coal export development plans at the Port of Coos Bay have prompted environmental interest groups to file public records requests.

The groups ‘Beyond Toxics’ and ‘The Sierra Club’ were both charged more than 20 thousand dollars in fees when they asked for information on the impact of transporting coal. It would travel from Coos Bay through the Eugene / Springfield area and beyond. The Port of Coos Bay has filed an appeal to District Attorney Paul Frasier’s decision that partially granted a fee waiver. Sierra Club campaign Representative Sasha Kerns says part of the fees included attorney time.

Kerns- “And under Oregon law, usually these fees are waived when the public interest is served, and so naturally we were pleased to see that the District Attorney Frasier sided with the sense of transparency.

But we feel that what this fee really highlights is that the Port of Coos Bay has not been transparent and honest with the people of Oregon.”

The Sierra Club expressed concerns about the coal export development last June. Kerns says the plans would have negative environmental impacts and pose a health threat.