Lisa Arkin – appointed to Position 5, an advocacy position – is Executive Director of Beyond Toxics, which is a non-profit organization based in Eugene that works to protect the environment and health for all communities and residents in Oregon.

Lisa Arkin Photo: Beyond Toxics

Lisa Arkin
Photo: Beyond Toxics

Lisa applied to serve on the Toxics Board because she believes the Toxics Board plays an important role in two of her personal interests: the issues of community livability and sustainability. She hopes to contribute a good understanding of state and local environmental laws, with an in-depth knowledge of the history of environmental issues in Eugene. She is deeply committed to the betterment of Eugene, and desires to work in support of and to further the goals of the Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know law.

The Toxics Board makes policy governing the City of Eugene’s hazardous materials reporting program. By Charter Amendment, the Toxics Board is authorized to enforce the reporting requirements and impose penalties. There are seven members on the board: three members who are employed by or are agents of businesses required to report under the law; three who have a proven record of environmental advocacy; and one member who must be nominated by at least four of the other six members. The City Council then appoints the seventh (and neutral) member from the nomination submitted by the six members. Members may serve only two three-year terms, and members may not serve more than two consecutive terms. The Toxics Board meets approximately every other month,and its proceedings are governed by Oregon’s open public meeting laws.

The Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program was created and is governed by Section 54 of the Eugene City Charter, Amendment IV, adopted by citizen initiative in November 1996. It requires that businesses meeting certain criteria report their hazardous substance use to the City, that the City make that information public, and that hazardous substance users pay fees as necessary to operate the program. To learn more about the Eugene Toxics Right-to-Know Program, go to, or call 541-682-7118.

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This information was provided by a press release from the City of Eugene.