Beyond Toxics
Beyond Toxics highlights Environmental Justice with Bus Tour

Founded in 2000, Beyond Toxics works to expose root causes of toxic pollution and help communities find solutions that protect human and environmental health. Beyond Toxics used a $63,350 grant from MMT in 2010 to greatly increase its ability to link research on Oregon’s residential populations and pollution with environmental advocacy, and apply a social justice framework to environmental protections.

This photograph shows Beyond Toxics staff member Alison Guzman welcoming attendees to the first Environmental Justice Bus Tour in Oregon. This three-hour tour, hosted by Beyond Toxics and partner Centro Latino Americano, brought 80 people from outside the west Eugene area together with 20+ representatives from the affected west Eugene community who shared their experience living with significant pollution. The tour was followed by a community forum led by a respected environmental justice leader from a Latino community in Southern California. Photo by Wayne Lottinville

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Beyond Toxics

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