Pesticide Use Would be Reduced Under Bill Approved by Oregon Legislature   
May 28, 2013 – By Rachael McDonald

The Oregon Senate Tuesday approved a bill that requires the state to find alternatives to chemicals in dealing with pests. House Bill 3364 now goes to the governor’s desk.

The Bill requires appointment of a State Integrated Pest Management Coordinator. It pertains to state property including buildings, forests and highways.

Lisa Arkin is Executive Director of Eugene-based Beyond Toxics, which pushed for the legislation. She says pests like insects and weeds will always be around but this bill requires the state to do a better job of finding less toxic means than spraying pesticides.

“With the passage of this bill we’re going to align our efforts to protect the public and to protect the environment with the use of chemicals to deal with pest problems.”

Arkin is pleased the bill requires tracking state agencies’ use of chemicals and how pesticides affect human health. She hopes to see a reduction in the use of chemicals statewide.