By Tom Adams KVAL News Published: Jun 8, 2012 at 5:08 PM PDT

TRIANGLE LAKE, Ore. – Aerial herbicide spraying for commercial timber production in the hills above Triangle Lake has been an issue for resident there for years.

Last year, several residents said their urine test positive for chemicals

Now some area residents are testing samples from the watershed.

Gary Hale and friends want to know where potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies are coming from.

Hale and the Siuslaw Watershed Guardians hope water samples lead to an answer. They paid $8,000 for the kits and lab work.

“We found that some of the forestry chemicals that are sprayed around here were in the samplers,” he said.

Their tests found the chemicals in four public streams near Triangle Lake.

Residents are concerned about their long term health and the water quality in the creeks used to irrigate farm crops.

The watershed group suspects pesticides are spreading through evaporation and wind but need more testing to connect the dots.

Hale said taking more air samples is the next step in the process.