Chemical Trespass & Human Rights

Re-framing pesticide exposures as a violation of basic human rights is an original and pioneering grassroots action that will give voice and validity to Oregonians who continue to suffer from unwanted pesticide exposure.

Stories of Chemical Trespass

A Poisoned Paradise – A community’s response to pesticide chemicals
(stories of chemical trespass in Cedar Valley)

Poisoned Roads
The story of how rural residents of northern Klamath County were doused with a deadly pesticide in 2010. Produced by Lisa Arkin and Douglas McGowan.

Helen Hollyer (Helen lives near Creswell, OR in the Willamette Valley)

Stories of Chemical Trespass: Orville and Mary Camp (Orville and Mary live near Selma, OR in the Illinois Valley)

Stories of Chemical Trespass: Heidi Hertler (Heidi’s family lives near Selma, OR in the Illinois Valley)

Stories of Chemical Trespass: Daryl Jackson (Daryl lives near Williams, OR in the Illinois Valley)

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Won’t you join us in imagining, and working for, a world beyond toxics?

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