History of Safe Public Places

The Safe Public Places project grew out of, and was a logical next step from, our highly successful legislative victory in 2009 which established the requirement for all Oregon schools to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods for pest control (read Oregon Dept. of Agriculture’s definition of IPM / read full text of law). This IPM approach dramatically reduces the use of pesticides in and around school grounds.

In 2010 and 2011, Beyond Toxics continued crucial negotiations with sustainable businesses, organic farmers, elected leaders and other partners to dramatically limit the use of pesticides on public land. During the fall of 2012, staff oversaw the drafting of a new bill among Oregon state legislators. The bill, currently named, “Safe Public Places Act,” will be introduced in both houses of the Oregon legislature sometime during the next legislative session in early 2013. (Read the rationale for the proposed bill.)

Our idea is simple and sensible. Beyond Toxics’ project calls for a 70% reduction in the amount of pesticides used in parks, in and around public buildings and on public roads – throughout the entire state! We harken back to 1991, when Oregon became one of the first states to reduce how much pesticide was sprayed by public agencies. That all ended in 2001 due to political pressure.

Beyond Toxics is calling on elected leaders to take action to bring this law back and strengthen it. There is strong evidence that pesticides are a public and environmental health problem, linked to persistent ecosystem damage and tragic disease. What’s more, such a program is proven to save money, benefit public health and protect the environment!

Our campaign for Safe Public Places will require Oregon state agencies to follow integrated pest management protocols that require less harmful chemicals, measurable objectives, scientific data and safer alternatives.

We want nothing short of restoring Oregon leadership in children’s health and environmental protection!



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