Homes ‘likely’ sprayed from air – The state probed the application of herbicides on timberlands where people got sick

A state investigation has determined that a helicopter hired to spray herbicide on some commercial timberlands in southwestern Oregon “more than likely” allowed some to fall over people’s homes as it flew by. But the results released Tuesday by the state Department of Agriculture came to no conclusions about whether the small amounts found on […]

GUEST VIEWPOINT: State puts timber interests ahead of public health – Register-Guard

At today’s peak urban prosperity, Oregon’s children are the hungriest in the nation. Things could get worse anytime. Why? Worldwide, deforestation is the leading cause of biodiversity destruction, soil erosion and carbon pollution. Whole watersheds are degraded; forests that produced food, fiber and medicine for thousands of years are replaced by chemical-­dependent monoculture plantations. Deforestation […]

R-G EDITORIAL: Shine light on forest sprays – State law provides access to too little information

The Triangle Lake area has become a battleground in the half-century-long conflict over the use of herbicides on Oregon’s private forest lands. The Triangle Lake case has brought to light one aspect of the conflict that demands legislative attention: Information about the quantities and types of herbicides being used is inexcusably hard to obtain. Beyond […]

Report: Forest spraying increases – Register-Guard

The Beyond Toxics analysis says herbicide use is up 56 percent near Triangle Lake By Jeff Barnard, The Associated Press / PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., DEC 16 An analysis of documents from the state shows that private timber companies in the years 2009-11 used an increasing amount of herbicides on private forests in rural Lane County — an area […]

Seneca air proposal criticized – Eugene R-G

By Saul Hubbard, The Register-Guard PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., OCT. 17 Critics blasted Seneca Sustainable Energy’s efforts to alter the air pollutant permit for its wood-burning electricity plant off Highway 99 at a public hearing Wednesday evening. Loosening the 21/2-year-old plant’s emission limits for certain pollutants represents a broken promise, they argued, and means another hit to air quality […]

To bee or not to bee: Colony collapse threatens honeybees and plants they pollinate

By Tommy Pittenger, The Register-Guard PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., SEPT. 3 Alan Turanski became fascinated with beekeeping the first year he tried it. That first milestone: harvesting 160 pounds of blackberry honey from his hives. Since then, his involvement in beekeeping and the honey industry has only deepened. He’s now vice president at GloryBee Foods, the Eugene-based […]

Seneca plant is affecting air quality – Letter to The Editor

In response to Richard Re’s Aug. 18 column, I feel compelled to comment on the effect of Seneca’s biomass facility on the west Eugene community (“Seneca cogeneration plant gets bad rap for its pollution control”). A team of volunteers has been canvassing west Eugene neighborhoods over the past several weeks, conducting an environmental health survey. […]

Timber owners must pay their share – Letter to the (R-G) Editor

Timber owners must pay their share I agree with Shawn Stevens that our 2.6 million acres of former Oregon & California Railroad forests shouldn’t be seen as the solution to Lane County financial woes via logging (“Counties must realize logging isn’t their salvation,” March 14). However, I chafe at his suggestion that raising my property […]

Guest Viewpoint: Stop selling poisons that kill honeybee colonies

Guest Viewpoint: Stop selling poisons that kill honeybee colonies By Gary Rondeau (MARCH 20 – R-G) The honeybees are going down. This year for the first time, almond growers in California were not able to get all the bees they need for pollination, and many colonies supplied were weak. Thousands of bee colonies were dead […]

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