Internship and Volunteer Opportunities


Interested in volunteering?


Please email us directly with questions:
volunteers (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org

Interested in becoming an intern?


Please email us directly with questions:
internships (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org


Fall 2019 photography intern, Emily Cook.
Photo by Krystal Abrams.


A student volunteer helps with upkeep of the Pollinator Garden in West Eugene.

What’s the difference between an internship and volunteering?

The answer varies by non-profit, but for us, we require a minimum commitment of 3 hours per week for at least a 3 month period. Also, an internship is usually done through a school for credit, but we can consider other arrangements.

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Beyond Toxics is a statewide environmental justice organization advancing policies that ensure meaningful participation and cultivating grassroots leadership from Oregon’s frontline and impacted communities. Established in 2001, we are a multicultural, inter-generational team dedicated to centering community leaders and building out the true diversity of our state’s vibrant Environmental Justice movement.