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Opposition to coal exports is increasing throughout the NW!


TIMELINE OF SUCCESS (news/document links included):

February 2012: Along with the Sierra Club, Beyond Toxics files a records request with the Port of Coos Bay

July 6, 2012: Beyond Toxics Exec. Director, Lisa Arkin, presents to Eugene City Club on health risks associated with the threat of coal train shipment of coal throughout the NW. (link opens an mp3 audio file)

Aug. 2, 2012: Along with several citizens and local members of the Sierra Club, Beyond Toxics visits with staff from Sen. Merkley’s office in Eugene to show support for his work towards a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

Alison Guzman and Bob Tsim join the parade to protest coal trains.

Aug. 25, 2012: Beyond Toxics and No Coal Eugene joined to organize an entry in the Eugene Celebration parade.

Aug. 26, 2012: Beyond Toxics Exec. Director, Lisa Arkin publishes a Guest Editorial on the coal trains issue in the Eugene Register-Guard



Over 1200 signatures opposing coal trains were delivered to Congressman DeFazio’s office


Sept. 5, 2012: Beyond Toxics staff and local members of Sierra Club hand over more than 1200 signatures from CREDOmobile opposing coal trains to Congressman DeFazio’s office. We encouraged DeFazio to support our call for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement.

Sept. 7, 2012: Beyond Toxics and Falling Sky Brewing hosts a gathering of anti-coal activists to have an organizing dialogue. Afterwards, many attendees walk to the City Council meeting to offer testimony at the public forum.


Sept. 16, 2012: the Eugene Register-Guard has a feature article on the front page of their Sunday edition featuring an in-depth interview with Beyond Toxics Communications Manager, John Jordan-Cascade


Lisa Arkin leads a march to a City Council meeting – Oct. 8, 2012

Oct. 8, 2012: Beyond Toxics organizes a march and rally to Eugene City Council work session on coal trains issue

October 11, 2012: Beyond Toxics staff visits with staff from Sen. Wyden’s office in Eugene to encourage support for a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement and request a Comprehensive Health Assessment as well.

Oct. 17, 2012: Beyond Toxics staff offer important testimony (along with many other opponents!) to Lane Co. Commissioners on potential economic impacts to Lane Co. (issue was tabled by the Commissioners)

Oct. 23, 2012: Eugene City Council votes 5-3 in favor of Counselor Alan Zelenka’s resolution – The R-G reported that after the vote, City Councilor Betty Taylor said, “We can’t stop it, but we can certainly express an opinion. Whatever we can do to stop this, we should do. I thought we should vote on this the first time it came up,” Taylor said. “Definitely we should add our voice to those people who are standing up for the environment, the health of people and common sense.”

Please contact your elected leaders to let them know your gratitude or disappointment with their vote: Eugene’s Mayor and City Council contact information.

See who has supported the City Council resolution


October 2012: Thanks to the Register-Guard for consistently high quality coverage of this important issue!

Jobs, environment at core of coal debate
Speakers discuss the pros and cons of shipping the fuel source through Eugene
BY EDWARD RUSSO | The Register-Guard (Oct. 9, 2012)





  • City of Eugene Ward Map – find your City Councilor!
  • Eugene Mayor and City Council Contact Information
  • Excerpt from our Executive Director’s letter to Eugene’s Mayor and City Council: “Beyond Toxics wishes to express our strong support for Commissioner Zelenka’s proposal to restrict the export of coal by train through Eugene’s rail yard and our neighborhoods in West Eugene. We hope that the City Council will pass this resolution and send a message to the state and federal government that mining, transporting and shipping coal overseas is bad for Eugene and for Oregon.”
  • Read Lisa Arkin’s full letter
  • River Road resident and folk singer/songwriter Laura Kemp’s letter to her City Councilor on the issue of coal trains and the risk to her neighborhood.
  • Executive Director Lisa Arkin’s presentation on The Health Impacts of Coal to the Eugene City Club 7-6-2012

Background on the promised-then-postponed Eugene City Council forums…

What are the risks if the Northwest becomes one of the largest coal handling region in North America? Over 150 million tons of coal is proposed for export across the Northwest and a terminal proposed in Coos Bay could bring 2 full coal trains through Eugene daily.

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Stop Coal in Oregon Supporters

John Jordan-Cascade                                       Melody Carr

Gina Thomas                                                    Joyce Gudger

Jesse Gehrke                                                    Karen Beasley

Ms Charlotte Sahnow                                        Barbara Sklar

Mark Van Ryzin                                                  Philip Smith

Laura Kemp                                                       Virginia Oram

Mary Wall                                                           Pam Wooddell

Wayne Lottinville                                                Tim Forester

Tim Kiley                                                             Diane Durrett

Polly Habliston                                                    Laura Ohanian

Robin Bloomgarden                                            Rich InLove

Madeline Smith                                                    Jan Nelson

Catherine Heising                                               Jennifer McAuley

Aaron Richards                                                   Mike Brinkley

William Ward                                                      Tim Kiley

James Clarkson                                                  Margot Fetz

Suzanne Kelley                                                   Leigh H.

Anne Hohenemser                                              Mary Wall

Paul Bodin                                                           Ei Thomas

Karuna Gatton                                                     Charlotte Sahnow

Karen Suwinski                                                   Tim Greathouse

Amy Danielson                                                    Lorri Goodman

Sharon Castle                                                      Nayma Glenn

Robert Roth                                                         Gwyneth Iredale

Juan Carlos Valle                                                Lisa Warnes

Ellen Bridges                                                      Chuck Mitchell

Dan Robinson                                                     Evelyn McConnaughey

Susan Archbald                                                   Bob Becker

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