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Please call us (or fill out the form below) if you’ve experienced any effects of pollution from the J.H. Baxter creosote plant and other pollution sources in West Eugene: 541-465-8860. | Read the stories we have received so far.

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We are currently helping the community be Air Watchdogs for J.H. Baxter’s ongoing compliance problems and agency oversight of J.H. Baxter and other companies like them.



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DEQ fines Eugene wood preserver J.H. Baxter & Co. $223,440 for hazardous waste and water quality violations (DEQ Press Release) *

Read the Eugene Weekly article: J.H. Baxter’s New Suits – Two lawsuits have been filed against the wood treatment plant in Eugene by Taylor Perse

We would like to see more of the local media address pollution in West Eugene, like this one posted on KEZI-TV’s web site:

The issue is not simply one of J.H. Baxter’s incessant polluting of West Eugene, but includes LRAPA’s poor outreach to J.H. Baxter’s neighbors and LRAPA’s inability to create a system of receiving complaints that is well-publicized and allows easy access, especially for people whose first language is not English. In that regard, Beyond Toxics was successful in filing a civil rights complaint with the US EPA against LRAPA and just recently won a significant victory. Thanks to that ruling, the most vulnerable communities in West Eugene can now be heard. | Read the press release (PDF)

Please also reference Baxter’s past fines:
Eugene company J.H. Baxter fined over alleged water quality violations
By Elon Glucklich – May 2018

It is in our community’s interest to ask a simple question: what is wrong with this system if J.H. Baxter does not respond to fines and clean up its act? Are they acting as a responsible corporate citizen and, if not, why not? We ask that the local news media ask these tough questions of both the business community and the agencies tasked with protecting our public health.

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* The reaction to the news of the DEQ fine from Beyond Toxics staff:

The violation and the fine that goes with it demonstrate that the neighborhood has been telling the truth about JH Baxter for decades (yet the community had been essentially ignored by local regulatory agency). JH Baxter is a bad neighborhood and has now been caught intentionally poisoning the Bethel and Trainsong areas of Eugene. This issue is one Beyond Toxics has been assiduously working on with the community!” – Lisa Arkin, Beyond Toxics Executive Director


Beyond Toxics West Eugene Community Organizer Fellow and former West Eugene resident, Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault, says, “It is baffling that this company has been allowed to get away with deceiving their neighbors in West Eugene for so long. What would they do if it were their children and family at risk? Would they allow poison to permeate their backyards? This company has been driven by greed and a total lack of respect for our community and we have been paying the price with our lives. The time for accountability has arrived.”

Read the overview from the most recent West Eugene Clean Air Community Meeting on Jan. 25th.