Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

Common hazardous ingredients:

Acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde resin, phenol, toluene, tricresyl phosphate, xylene.

Potential hazards:

  • Flammable and highly toxic
  • Vapors easily inhaled
  • Irritant to skin and mucous membranes
  • Air pollutant.
  • Benzene is a known carcinogen.


  • Use according to label instructions.
  • Minimize exposure to vapors by turning on the bathroom exhaust fan and opening a window when using these products and leaving the room after you have applied them.


Keep bottles capped when not in use and store away from children.



  • Toluene-free nail polish is slightly less toxic.
  • Buffing nails creates sheen without polish.