Ban Chlorpyrifos

BREAKING NEWS: Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announces Oregon will join EPA lawsuit to ban sale of chlorpyrifos

Why should we be concerned about chlorpyrifos?

For 50 years chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxic pesticide, has been damaging children’s brains, harming farm workers and contaminating our food. In 2016, after years of study, the US EPA found that children face an unacceptable risk of permanent brain damage from exposure to chlorpyrifos in food and drinking water, and recommended a nationwide ban. The Trump Administration reversed the proposed ban in 2017. Nonetheless, the EPA was ordered by federal courts to ban this dangerous pesticide from use on food crops.

Oregon should take the strongest possible action to protect farm workers, children and the safety of our food with a statewide ban on chlorpyrifos. Hawaii has already banned chlorpyrifos and other states are taking action as well. We can no longer wait for a dysfunctional EPA, heavily influenced by pesticide makers, to act to protect children! It’s time for Oregon to TAKE ACTION!

      • After years of study, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists concluded that chlorpyrifos is unsafe at any detectable level and should be banned, without exemptions. Children are especially susceptible to exposure, resulting in brain damage and developmental disabilities.
      • Farm workers and rural communities are at highest risk of exposure from drift.
      • Communities are exposed to drift from nearby orchards and fields, Christmas tree farms, grass seed fields and golf courses.
      • Chlorpyrifos is extremely toxic to birds, fish and beneficial insects such as bees.
      • There is no safe level of chlorpyrifos in drinking water.
      • Chlorpyrifos is particularly dangerous for pregnant women because of their toxicity to the developing infant.
      • Chlopyrifos is found in common family foods like apples, applesauce and cereals, sometimes at unsafe levels for children.


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