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HB 4109: The Healthy Kids & Farmworkers Act just passed out of the Senate Committee for Environment & Natural Resources* and is heading to the Senate Floor! Call or email your senators TODAY and urge them to support HB 4109 to protect kids and farmworkers from chlorpyrifos (pronounced kloor·peer-uh·faas) pesticides!

This news represents an extraordinary opportunity to phase out the use of chlorpyrifos in Oregon once and for all!

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HB 4109 Talking Points (PDF)

The phase-out allows farmers time to adjust to the many alternative options, just like farmers in Hawaii and California.

* BIG THANKS to everyone pushing this bill forward! PCUN NAACP Eugene Springfield Oregon Unit 1119, Huerto de la Familia, Causa Oregon, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, Unite Oregon, Sierra Club, Non Toxic Southern Oregon, Center for Biological Diversity, Center for Food Safety, Western Environmental Law Center, Earthjustice, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and especially everyone submitting testimony and connecting with your legislators to urge them to VOTE YES FOR HB 4109!



Subject: Please support H.B. 4109, The Healthy Kids and Farmworkers Act

Dear Sen. ———–,

I am writing to urge your strong support of HB 4109, phasing out chlorpyrifos in Oregon.

The science on chlorpyrifos is crystal clear: chlorpyrifos is known to harm kidsʻ brains. Chlorpyrifos is linked to infertility, cancer, respiratory diseases, developmental disorders and more. Created as a chemical weapon in WWII, this old chemistry is outdated and dangerous, as recognized by the EPA in 2015-2016, Hawaii, California, New York, and the European Union. The US EPA banned the use of chlorpyrifos in homes twenty years ago! Unfortunately, the EPA’s plan to end the use of chlorpyrifos on food crops was halted by former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt in 2016.

In the face of federal inaction for nearly 20 years, Oregon needs to act urgently to protect human and environmental health from this unsafe and unnecessary pesticide. HB 4109 will phase out the aerial spraying of chlorpyrifos in Oregon, protect children by prohibiting chlorpyrifos use within 300 feet of schools, and add stronger protections for farmworkers. HB 4109 includes a phase-out period of more than a year to give farmers time to adjust to the many alternative options, just like farmers in Hawaii and California. These are reasonable steps for Oregon to take in response to the long-standing warnings that there are no safe levels of exposure to this extremely neurotoxic chemical.

A phase-out will not only protect children and farmworkers, it will benefit pollinators and other wildlife also exposed to the toxic pesticide, and encourage safer alternatives that promote healthy soils.

It is my strong belief that chlorpyrifos has no place in Oregon. Thank you for considering my testimony in strong support of the measure.

Your name

More about the dangers of chlorpyrifos->>

Photo (top R) by Chris Hardy. Shot in Jackson County from the vantage point of his organic farm.


Chlorpyrifos Phase Out Moves To Oregon House Vote Amid Uncertainty
by Monica Samayoa Follow OPB Feb. 18, 2020

Trump has kept this controversial pesticide on the market. Now its biggest manufacturer is stopping production
By Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post Feb. 6, 2020
Chlorpyrifos is widely used by farmers but has been linked to health problems, including neurological damage in children.

Oregon Lawmakers Take On Phasing Out A Controversial Pesticide, Again
by Monica Samayoa, OPB Jan. 24, 2020
“The Oregon Legislature plans to take another run at phasing out the use of a controversial pesticide called chlorpyrifos after falling short last year.”

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