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Press Release:
Oregonians to Gather in Salem to Rally for Water and Wildlife (PDF)

People from across Oregon will tell lawmakers, Governor Brown to take a stand for Water & Wildlife!

SALEM, ORE. – On Wednesday, April 19th, Oregonians from across the state will arrive at the Capitol to tell their legislators to take a stand for Oregon’s water & wildlife. The rally will feature speeches from Representatives David Gomberg and Pam Marsh, as well as forest, water, and wildlife advocates from Tillamook and Douglas Counties, and representatives from conservation groups.

The rally will be followed immediately with a Press Conference in the Oregon State Capitol Press Room from 1:10-1:45 pm. Members of the media will have an opportunity to have questions answered by:
● Kate Taylor, Rockaway Beach Oregon Fishing Guide.
● Francis Eatherington, Douglas County, Forest and Water advocate, long time community organizer.
● Representatives from sponsoring organizations listed below will also be available for comment.

WHAT: Rally for Water and Wildlife
WHEN: Rally – 11:00 AM – 1pm Capitol Press Conference 1:10-1:45pm
WHERE: Capitol Building Steps, Salem Oregon
WHO: Concerned Oregonians from throughout the state.

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To coordinate interviews with either or both Portland-area business people, please contact Lisa Arkin or Krystal Abrams at the Beyond Toxics office: 541-465-8860 during business hours.

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Beyond Toxics’ Mission

Beyond Toxics works to guarantee environmental protections and health for all communities and residents, regardless of their background, income or where their home is located. We expose root causes of toxic pollution and help communities find solutions that are appropriate to their needs.

Beyond Toxics’ Promise
Beyond Toxics will act responsibly and aggressively to protect the public and the environment from toxic poisoning.

Beyond Toxics’ Vision
We envision a future in which all Oregonians:

Know about the pollutants they are exposed to in our air, water, food and consumer products; the sources of those pollutants; and the health impacts of short and long term exposure.

Guarantee an equal right for each and every human to have clean air, clean water, unpolluted soils, safe consumer products and a healthy community in which to live.

Prioritize a child’s health as the standard by which decisions are made regarding the use and disposal of toxic chemicals.

Choose the least toxic alternatives available for products used in homes, businesses and public facilities.

Participate actively in decision-making processes that impact public and environmental health.

 Hold our elected officials and regulatory agencies accountable to enforce environmental protection, pollution prevention and clean-up laws.

Hold our elected officials and regulatory agencies accountable to promoting laws, policies and technologies that provide protections for environmental and human health.

What We Do
Beyond Toxics was founded in 2000 and has since played a unique organizing role in Oregon: we put equal emphasis (and equal resources) into environmental justice engagement and community-based environmental research with the intent to influence state policy reform. We fulfill our mission by building social justice concerns into all environmental decision-making, thereby uniting the goals of human rights and environmental protection in all our work.

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