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What They’re Saying About Us

Once again, Beyond Toxics is one of the non-profits featured in Eugene Weekly’s 2020 “Give Guide”

Joining with Beyond Toxics gives me the ability to help be a voice for my community. Their passion to speak up for those individuals who have not been heard is what I value. Beyond Toxics has really helped me because I am one of those families harmed by the poor air quality in Eugene.” — Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault, volunteer

Beyond Toxics is one of the non-profits featured in Eugene Weekly’s “Give Back” Guide–>

Richard Barnhart, an internal medicine physician in Eugene, started donating to Beyond Toxics when he became concerned about pollutants in the air — especially the use of pesticides and the field burning that took place near his home.

As an MD, I am convinced pesticides are not benign to humans,” Barnhart says. “I learned that Beyond Toxics was a strong advocate to reduce pesticides and feel it is important that there is an organization of citizens working to minimize exposure to pollutants.”

Barnhart appreciates Beyond Toxics because of the organization’s ability to inform people and propose tighter regulations that affect the community as a whole, students in schools and communities of color.

While Barnhart is able to give to a wide variety of nonprofits, what he values in any organization is its ability to help those around him. “I look for an organization to help people and especially people less fortunate or people who may be financially challenged,” Barnhart says.

“I feel that as a community and local, it is important to stand up and protect people from the harm that can be caused from corporate and economic interests,” Barnhart says. “It’s above the greater good of humanity.”


Beyond Toxics has long been a voice for air and against toxic chemicals, and it’s one of the few nonprofits that has made environmental justice its mission in the area. Contribute by calling 541-465-8860 or visiting BeyondToxics.org.”

In a world increasingly inundated with harmful chemicals and life-threatening pesticides, it gives us solace knowing that Beyond Toxics is there to protect and defend all who are threatened. From aerial spraying and neonicotinoids to harmful air quality and industrial chemicals, Beyond Toxics ensures that all living things receive representation for a stronger and cleaner Oregon.
– Shawn Donnille and Julie Bailey, owners, Mountain Rose Herbs


On the passage of SB 1602, the Oregon Forest Aerial Spray bill:

“Congratulations! I was so glad to see this bill pass and with such strong bipartisan support. This is a major public health victory, and we all owe Beyond Toxics a debt of gratitude.” ~ Andy Harris, MD

On the Feb. 10th, 2020 news of the pact between conservation groups (Beyond Toxics was co-signer) and timber companies for a process to update the Oregon Forest Practices Act:

“Congratulations, Lisa and all of Beyond Toxics! I am very grateful for your work on behalf of us all.” ~ Judith Raiskin

“What awesome news!! Boy do we need such good news! Thank you Beyond Toxics for your unending effort towards the things that matter most.” ~ Nir Pearlson

“Congratulations on the MOU….You all have played a remarkable, positive role in making this happen….You all have brought together so many issues affecting our health, and the natural resources so adversely damaged by poor forest practices….Thanks again for you wonderful work and this news.” ~ wix covey

“The recognition of this issue, finally, is long overdue and your efforts are vital to keeping this front and center….I’ve added my voice in contacting legislators to support HB4109, to stand up for the science that is being neglected, and for the environmental health we all deserve. Toxic exposures have to end, we need every opportunity to turn the corner on chemical dependency. Thank you for all the hard work.” ~ Stuart Todd


We really admire what you do, and all the benefits of your work.”
– Bob and Vera Moore

I donate to Beyond Toxics and I would like you to join me. Their goals, their mission melts my heart. ” – Dr. Ray Seidler, Senior Research Scientist, U.S. EPA, retired

Praise from our work on the Non Toxic Oregon project

Maria Gerolaga - testimonial

Maria Gerolaga

Beyond Toxics is amazing! They look out for our children, our grandchildren and the next seven generations to come.” – Maria Gerolaga, Medford, OR

Lauren Kemple - testimonial

Lauren Kemple

Being part of an organization where we can actually see the change being implemented is so empowering and so amazing! Being connected to Non Toxic Southern Oregon and the support they provided was really empowering to see that we can make a difference.” – Lauren Kemple, Murphy, OR

Rachel Hough - testimonial

Rachel Hough

I support Non Toxic Oregon [project] because they’re doing the work necessary to end the spraying of these chemicals. It’s an imperative in order to protect the health and well being–not just of our children–but of any human and any other living thing.” – Rachel Hough, Phoenix, OR


20161215_ew_coverBeyond Toxics is everything the Trump agenda hates. So give this group some love.

The folks at Beyond Toxics stand up for the environmental health of low-income and minority communities that have historically been disproportionately impacted by pollution.

“Our concern is primarily with people and their exposure and vulnerability to chemicals,” says Joel Iboa, the environmental justice community outreach manager.

Grassroots victories include forcing Union Pacific to clean up wetlands where they dumped creosote railroad ties, helping coastal communities stop a coal export terminal and fighting (and stopping) aerial herbicide sprays near some rural communities.

On the policy side, Beyond Toxics helped pass the law to ban field burning, passed the nations’ most protective pesticide regulations for school and banned gas stations from spewing the potent carcinogen benzene into nearby neighborhoods.

The group says that many toxics problems unfairly impact lower-income, rural and vulnerable communities. The concentration of polluting industries and lack of access to services that promote healthy living is especially burdensome because political and socio-economic conditions prevent these communities from demanding change, Beyond Toxics tells EW.

In the Trump era, expect less power for the poor and the vulnerable and more to go to Big Business and its polluting ways. Help Beyond Toxics fight for what’s right.” ~ Eugene Weekly’s 2016 Give Guide, “Love Trumps Hate”


Shawn Donnille, VP, Mountain Rose Herbs

Shawn Donnille, VP, Mountain Rose Herbs

Beyond Toxics represents the finest culmination of hard-working individuals that produce the results we can all live by. Our industry, livelihoods and communities are dependent upon a healthy landscape, and our prospects would be very bleak indeed if we did not have the steadfast commitment of Beyond Toxics.” – Shawn Donnille, Vice President, Mountain Rose Herbs

“…they [Beyond Toxics] serve as thought leaders in the regional conversation on toxics reform and have influenced and mobilized public opinion for change through rigorous grassroots organizing.
– Pesticide Action Network North America

General testimonials

This is one of the few groups that actually gets stuff done!
~ Victor Rozek

Beyond Toxics does a great job of involving the community in the effort to save what’s left of our bee populations and keeping the public informed about the latest threats to our tiny but important friends.” ~ Roy Keene, forest activist

Judit Covarrubias García

Judit Covarrubias García

Please know that what you are doing is truly wonderful, an example for the rest of us, and of great great value, not only to the bees of Oregon but to the bees, pollinators, and ultimately all living beings of our world. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Thank you so much for all the awesome things you do to preserve our environment! Beyond Toxics ROCKS!”  ~ Judit Covarrubias García


Wendy Harris

I am moved by the work that you, staff, members, and volunteers are doing. I am inspired by the organization’s need to make a difference for our community, overcoming many obstacles to achieve the mission of environmental justice.”  ~ Wendy Harris

These people are doing good things the right way!” ~ Barbara Green

Lisa and staff have been instrumental in fighting air, water, and soil pollution associated with biomass electricity and fuels produced from Oregon forests. The fight is on and Beyond Toxics is at the forefront.” ~ Chris Zinda

On the summer 2018 work to advocate for cleaner air and better control over industrial air polluters...

Thanks for all that you do to bring us into awareness and help to create a healthier planet for all of us! ~ Wendy Harris

On our launch of the “Timber’s Cover-Up” video and the Oregon Forest Voices campaign

“Hurray for you all! This is great! Keep up the excellent work.”
– Oregon family forest landowner


On our work to create a ban on neonics in Portland

Keep up the great work!”
~ Jen Hornaday, Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens

Testimonials after passage of Eugene City Council’s passage (February 26) of a Council Resolution, “Enhancing Current Integrated Pest Management in Parks,” which bans the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on all city property:

Congratulations to Beyond Toxics, to Eugene, and to the bees!
~ Diane Durrett

Awesome job all of you wonderful people at Beyond Toxics! You are all so amazing, we respect you and appreciate all that you do so much!! Thank you, thank you, and way to go!! We are so encouraged that there are people like you who really care and make such an effort for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” ~ Tim and Shauna Boyd

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Find out how you can contribute and volunteer to help with future events and initiatives!

Responding to Lisa Arkin’s Dec. 2015 Guest Editorial in the Eugene Register-Guard

Wow! Great piece and sorely needed. Thank you for the good work. I’ve been waiting for someone to do exactly what you did. Lay it out just like it is with all the downside showing plainly for everyone to see without all the “spin.” Good show! Thanks for all the good stuff you do all the time.
– Hugh Cochran

Testimonials we received about SB 613, the “Public Health and Water Resources Protection Act”:

[You] “…continue to inspire me with your effectiveness.”
~ Dr. Tom Titus, University of Oregon Biology Department

“Fabulous work! Thanks for all you do.”
~ Sarah Cantril, Huerto de la Familia

“A great piece of work, congrats….I’d be delighted if even a third of what this bill is asking for made it through the legislature and State Board of Forestry.”
~ Roy Keene

Great work, congratulations for your intelligent tenacity….I’m a solid supporter of the science-based approach that Beyond Toxics brings to the public forum in their efforts to protect Oregonians. I’m especially grateful that they lend a voice to those who may not be able to speak for themselves.
~ Candice Barr, CEO, Lane County Medical Society

Testimonials we received upon releasing the forestry pesticides report:

SO EXCITING ABOUT THE REPORT AND COVERAGE!! Kudos and kudos to Beyond Toxics for such wonderful work. The [report] recommendations seem so eminently and strikingly SANE. Many thanks for advocating so well for the health of our communities. – Ellen Rifkin, Eugene, OR

Testimonials we received from our many supporters around the state in response to HB 3364 passing :

Congratulations on the state IPM bill passing the Senate and winging its way to the Gov’s desk. This is such an important step forward. Thank you for doing the work you do.
~ Allison Hensey, Oregon Environmental Council

“…it sure makes me proud to have helped gotten Beyond Toxics off the ground. You’ve taken BT to a level that we  dreamed about. You’ve turned our dreams into reality. Thank you for that and Congrats on a job well done.” ~ Michael Carrigan, co-founder Beyond Toxics (formerly Oregon Toxics Alliance)

Thank you! Lisa and crew… thank you so much for this effort and collaborative project.
~ Jill Davidson

Congratulations! This is a giant step forward for public health.”
– Rachel’s Friends Breast Cancer Coalition

That’s awesome news! Congratulations, and thanks so much for all your hard work!”
– Joanne Gross

Wow, I just read the news…and it’s so fantastic! As I was reading, I had one of those moments of clarity…that now you’ve made this great achievement, it certainly paves the way for others across the globe to do the same thing. We’ll be able to point to Oregon as the living example of what can be done without pesticides. This is so powerful, and such a healing presence for the planet! I am just so dang proud of you…Way to go!
– Patti Gora-McRavin, Safe Air For Everyone

Testimonials we received upon hearing news that the coal trains threat to Lane County is over:

Stupendous!!!” – Bobbi Lindberg

YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! This is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for all the hard work you do.” ~ Joanne Gross

“Yay…!! Thank You for caring about this so much!” ~ Tim Greathouse

“Well done, one and all! I’m very proud of you.” ~ Victor Rozek

On two different occasions in the last few years, Eugene Weekly has praised our work:

OTA (now Beyond Toxics) works its rear end off to protect people, especially but not only kids and low-income and rural folks, from harmful pollutants. No cute kittens or other charismatic macrofauna can convey the depth of OTA’s commitment to cleaning up and keeping safe our land, waterways and air.

“…we’ve been following this remarkable Eugene-based group since it formed in 2000. OTA (now Beyond Toxics) has successfully linked environmental research with advocacy and applied a social justice approach to environmental protection at the state and local levels….”

Just want you to know I saw the excellent film about the horrible subject of chemical trespass presented by Beyond Toxics. I shared it on FB and referenced Beyond Toxics’ website so people could find out more about campaigns for environmental protection. Thank you for your wonderful presence.” ~ Carter McKenzie

That was a great op-ed you wrote for the Register Guard. Congratulations on
your fine work and your organization’s new name. Yours is one of the few
dynamic environmental organizations that actually gets things done.
~ Victor Rozek

I have been proudly supporting Beyond Toxics for about 5 years now. I had no idea how crucial their advocacy was for the health of our community until I got involved. Don’t idle, Bee healthy, get involved. Our lives depend on it!
~ Christine Cameron, business owner, Cameron and Company

Thank you, Lisa, for caring so much about these issues that protect our health and the health of future generations. You’ve got to feel really good about your work.”
~ Candice Barr, CEO Lane County Medical Society

So glad you’re in the world doing what you do and being who you be.”
With love and gratitude, Kassy Daggett

I have loved working with Beyond Toxics and as I was writing my resume, I was given the chance to reflect upon all the opportunities and skills I have gained from interning here and working with such intelligent and driven people. This opportunity has been invaluable to my college education and experience.”
~ Emily Nyholm, University of Oregon graduate student intern

In response to this R-G article about the legal ruling requiring the Port of Coos Bay to release records…

“…bravo to you and your organization for standing up for the people of Coos County and all citizens of Oregon. This milestone event would never have happened without you all, Sierra Club, and FLOW working tenaciously for every one’s constitutional right to know what the Coos Bay Port Authority planned to do to us and our environment. This tribesman knows full well what the dominant culture is capable of when seeking industrial growth and jobs at any cost for the benefit of a few. Let’s continue to protect the commons for the benefit of all citizens and future generations.”
~ David Petrie, Coos Waterkeeper (a member of Waterkeeper Alliance)

On the passage of the Eugene City Council resolution against coal trains

“Wow, thank you for the good news, and for the amazing work you do organizing legislative action. You are my hero!” ~ Anna Alkin

“Great job on the no coal [vote]! We had faith you could do it! The bees thank you also!”
~ Doug Hornaday, Healthy Bees-Healthy Gardens

Won’t you join us in imagining, and working for, a world beyond toxics?

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