Beyond Toxics 2024 Legislative Agenda

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VICTORY for three bills we support!

Three bills we support: the Right to Repair bill (SB 1596-A), continued funding for the Healthy Homes program (SB 1530-B) and the COAL Act (HB 4083), passed out of both chambers of the Oregon Legislature and now head to the Governor's Desk for her signature!

Oregon Legislature passes nation’s strongest ‘right-to-repair’ bill
Tracy Loew, Salem Statesman Journal | The Oregon House passed the nation’s strongest “right-to-repair” bill Monday on a vote of 42 to 13. The bill makes it easier for consumers and independent repair shops to fix smartphones, computers and other products containing electronics sold in Oregon.

BREAKING NEWS! The COAL Act - HB 4083, a bill to the remove of thermal coal from the State Treasury investment portfolio has passed both chambers of the Oregon legislature and will go to the desk of Governor Kotek for her signature. HB 4083 directs the Oregon Investment Council and the State Treasurer to make efforts to eliminate certain investments in thermal coal companies.


The bills we are supporting

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Right to Repair  - SB 1596A -15
Bill Title: Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment; prescribing an effective date.
Catchline/Summary: Requires an original equipment manufacturer to make available to an owner of consumer electronic equipment or an independent repair provider on fair and reasonable terms any documentation, tool, part or other device or implement that the original equipment manufacturer makes available to an authorized service provider for the purpose of diagnosing, maintaining or repairing consumer electronic equipment.

Chief Sponsors: Senator Sollman, Dembrow, Representative Neron, Senator Golden, Representative Bynum, Nosse

Status: PASSED in both chambers of the legsilature and awaits the Governor's signature.

Why Beyond Toxics supports this bill
We support SB 1596 (The Right to Repair) because it will reduce Oregon’s electronic waste footprint by requiring technology companies to make parts that allow small businesses to repair electronics (like smartphones). By being able to fix phones, computers, and appliances instead of buying new ones, it is estimated the Right to Repair program would save the average Oregon household $382 per year. From a toxics reduction perspective, e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world, and the Right to Repair bill will help Oregonians prevent an estimated 4,800 cell phones from going into a landfill every day.

See details and track the progress of SB 1596A

* Oregon ‘right to repair’ bill passes state Senate By Lauren Dake (OPB)
** Reminder: a public hearing is an opportunity for the committee to hear public testimony on a bill and a work session is when committee members vote on any amendments and then vote on whether or not to move a bill forward.


Healthy Homes Program Funding - SB 1530-B
Bill Title: Relating to state financial administration; declaring an emergency.
Catchline/Summary: Appropriates moneys to the Housing and Community Services Department, Oregon Health Authority, Department of Human Services, State Department of Energy and Oregon Department of Administrative Services for various programs.

Status: The bill (SB 1530-B) PASSED in both chambers of the legsilature and awaits the Governor's signature.

Healthy Homes is an innovative Oregon grant program supporting essential home repairs and improvements to keep low-income families healthy, reduce energy bills and medical costs. While initial funding for the program was a good start, it will run out before the next budget cycle because there is so much need across the state. A legislative investment of $15 million in 2024 will keep this critical program going.

See details and track the progress of SB 1530-A

See Joel Iboa's op-ed in the Oregon Capital Chronicle: "Extreme weather is our new normal. Resilient homes should be, too" - February 20, 2024 [Joel Iboa, Director, Oregon Just Transition Alliance]

Background - Read the Healthy Homes flyer (PDF)
Solving Oregon’s housing crisis is about more than building new housing, it’s also about keeping low-income families from losing their homes. When everyone in our community has a healthy home with affordable utility bills, it will contribute to greater housing security for our most vulnerable Oregonians.

Ask your representative to support Healthy Homes legislation! Sign the Healthy Homes petition TODAY!

coal industry

COAL Act - HB 4083
Bill Title: Relating to the removal of thermal coal from the State Treasury investment portfolio.
Catchline/Summary: Directs the Oregon Investment Council and the State Treasurer to make efforts to eliminate certain investments in thermal coal companies

Chief Sponsors: Representatives Pham K and Gamba, Senator Golden, Representatives Andersen, Dexter, Nguyen H, Nosse, Tran; Senators Campos, Dembrow, Gorsek

Status: PASSED in both chambers of the legsilature and awaits the Governor's signature.

See details and track the progress of HB 4083

Biosolids-news-feature_US_Geological Survey_Dept-Interior_USGS

PFAS Testing in Biosolids - HB 4049-A
Bill Title: Relating to a study of PFAS in biosolids applied to land; declaring an emergency.
Catchline/Summary: Directs the Oregon State University Extension Service and the College of Agricultural Sciences of Oregon State University to study the fate and transport of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) found in biosolids applied to agricultural fields.

Chief Sponsors: Representative Helm, Senator Sollman, Representative Owens

Status: Did NOT pass!

Statement from Beyond Toxics: We are disappointed this bill did NOT pass! PFAS, a class of "forever chemicals," is potentially contaminating our soil that we grow food in. This bill would have helped us research and better understand PFAS accumulation in soils and foods. HB 4049-A would have provided much-needed scientific inquiry, the results of which could have helped craft effective policy decisions.

See details and track the progress of HB 4049-A




We support the Oregon Conservation Network’s listing of SB 1537-A, Housing Production Policy with Large Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Expansion, as a bill of concern. This bill, as introduced, would undermine our state land use goals by allowing cities to expand their Urban Growth Boundary with very few restrictions and criteria and is not the right answer to the housing crisis.| MORE on what the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) says on this budget item:

Status: PASSED! Will likely be signed by Governor Kotek.

See details and track the progress of SB 1537.