Golden Gardens: Protect Bethel's Natural Areas

Golden Gardens Park is one of the few natural areas with wildlife habitat in Bethel and is a crown jewel of the community. The site features herons, bald eagles, and protected Western Pond Turtles. The City of Eugene is proposing a new community sporting complex to meet the community’s need to accommodate recreational activities. While we support local sports and recreation, the proposal will include adding a significant amount of plastic Astroturf to this highly sensitive habitat. 

The proposed sports complex threatens the delicate ecosystem with the inclusion of artificial turf. Golden Gardens, a haven for wildlife, including herons, bald eagles, and protected Western Pond Turtles, deserves protection from toxics! Artificial turf contributes to the environmental crisis, releasing harmful microplastics that endanger wildlife and human health. Let's prioritize the well-being of our community, wildlife and environment.

See our 2-page handout, "The Case Against Artificial Turf" (PDF)

Say NO to plastic artificial turf at Golden Gardens Park!

The November 13th City Council meeting was critical for the future of Golden Gardens Park!

The Eugene City council rejected a bond measure that included funding for the Golden Gardens sports complex. Three different bond scenarios for the project were outlined, all featuring artificial turf fields. The city council plans to discuss this again at a later date. The project now has more time to review natural turf and alternatives to astroturf in its triple bottom line analysis. Thank you for signing the petition!


If you live in the Eugene city boundaries, please fill out the petition form below. If you live outside of Eugene and would like to offer your encouragement to help protect Golden Gardens, please fill out this form instead.


Golden Gardens Park Master Plan: includes information on the city's public involvement plan, the three draft designs for the park, and other background materials.

Guidance for Conserving Oregon’s Native Turtles including Best Management Practices: includes ODFW's recommendation for a 500 ft buffer between turtle habitat and minor infrastructure.

Sports Complex at Golden Gardens Park: The Case Against Synthetic Turf by Stuart Greenleaf (PDF)

Turtles and turf: Eugene activists urge caution in city's designs for sports complex - KLCC | By Nathan Wilk (November 16, 2023)

Eugene council rejects bundling bond for Golden Gardens sports, Ems Stadium, LCC pickleball (Nov. 16, 2023, R-G)

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