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Beyond Toxics is a feisty, dedicated, grassroots environmental health non-profit based in Oregon. Together, with people in communities across Oregon, we work to leave a long-lasting legacy of clean air, healthy people and a toxics-free environment.


If you own a business, we can list you as a business supporter and help our community recognize you for the good work you’re already doing. Our valued businesses are also featured on our our Facebook page.

We are proud members of EarthShare! With EarthShare, you can donate at work with simple payroll deduction contributions. Your employer may even match your gift, increasing the impact of your investment. For more information, check with your Human Resources manager. If you do not have a giving campaign at work, please contact them, and we can meet with decision-makers at your company.

Beyond Toxics protects and enhances human and environmental health. We use environmental justice engagement and community-based environmental grassroots organizing to ensure environmental protection and health for all communities. We empower communities to enact lasting solutions to environmental health threats.

Vulnerable Oregon communities, especially people of color, people of reproductive age, migrant workers and their families, and low-income individuals and communities are disproportionately impacted and harmed by exposure to toxics in their communities and at work. Because of industry’s influence, and environmental racism, Oregon’s regulatory and legal systems are inadequate or non-existent to address and remedy these injustices.

We are happy to work with Oregon non-profits, businesses or individuals to make presentations for community groups, schools and faith organizations within our program areas: air qualityenvironmental justice and pesticide reform.

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