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SCR 17 passed out of the Senate! Find out how you can help it pass in the House Committee on Energy and the Environment. SCR 17 resolution establishes principles, builds a framework of shared values, and lays the path forward for future policies and practices based on the right to ethical, balanced, and responsible uses of land and renewable resources. | Read the 1-page summary.


The Lane County Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force is seeking input on their county wide survey to assess our communities climate concerns and priorities. | MORE->>
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Lay of the Land (Use)

Land is identity.  “I’m from the coast.” “I own a farm.” “My family have been ranchers for five generations.” Our sense of ourselves is integrated with the way we own and use land. Land is wealth. Those who own and control land may perpetuate generations of wealth—or conversely, landlessness may perpetuate poverty. Land is equity…. Read more »