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We envision a society where everyone has equitable access to healthy food and clean air and water, and underserved communities are included in decision making processes that affect them.
Together, we move beyond the damaging environmental practices of the past and collectively work to support and maintain ecological resilience and balance.


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April 24th, 12pm-2pm: Native Plant Nursery - 538 Day Island Rd, within Alton Baker Park. Parking available near Alton Park Community Garden. (google map)

May 1st, 12pm-2pm: Rasor Park - 785 Stephens Drive, Eugene, OR 97404. Parking available along Stephens Drive. (google map)

May 4th, 12pm-2pm: Golden Gardens - Intersection of Jessen Drive and Golden Garden Street, Eugene, OR 97402. Parking available along Jessen Drive. (google map)

Join us for three afternoons of pollinator observation and advanced identification techniques with expert August Jackson. All ages welcome, no experience needed.

Sponsored by WildCraft Cider Works.


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Beyond Toxics has been appointed to the 2024 Climate Protection Program Rules Advisory Committee! This appointment marks a significant milestone in our ongoing achievements to ensure environmental and climate justice throughout Oregon.

We bring 20+ years of environmental justice advocacy experience to the table. Having been involved since the program's inception, we have a strong understanding of its history and objectives. Our role is crucial in ensuring that the program stays true to its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and holding polluters accountable to the communities they impact.

Our team remains dedicated to advocating for underserved and rural communities, championing strong emission reduction targets, and working to close existing loopholes in the program.

See the DEQ page on Climate Protection Program 2024


Listen to two new podcast episodes of Why We Do The Work
with your host, Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault

A bulldozer and garbage truck on a landfill waste site

What’s Trash Got To Do With It? Toxics!

A blog by Mason Leavitt, Beyond Toxics GIS and Spatial Data Coordinator

Over the first weekend of March, I had the opportunity to attend the 2024 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, most commonly referred to as PIELC. Every year, lawyers, policy experts, and activists come from all over the United States and the world to exchange views, strategies, and projects regarding some of the most salient environmental issues currently facing society. My objective was to increase visibility around Beyond Toxics’ burgeoning work on the topic of climate and toxic impacts from landfills. | Read more


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