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Beyond Toxics, along with 2 Oregon chapters of the NAACP, are promoting two pieces of environmental justice legislation for consideration in Oregon’s 2021 legislative session. HB 2488, the “Equity and Climate in Land Use” bill, asks the Department of Land Conservation and Development to update statewide land-use planning goals to make equitable planning decisions for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. FIND OUT MORE->>


In 2009 Oregon passed The School Integrated Pest Management Act. This was among the nation’s strongest rules to protect kids from pesticides. More than a decade later, medical studies show that pesticides can have detrimental developmental and neurological outcomes in children at very low levels. HB 2406, a Toxics Free Schools law, seeks to advance further protections.

Equity Missing in Oregon Land Use Laws

Time and time again, vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Oregon have been disproportionately impacted by poor land-use decisions. Often these decisions are made without input or consent from the people poised to bear the brunt of their impact. It is precisely this structural inequality Beyond Toxics seeks to address through their promotion of HB 2488… Read more »