Our Work

Beyond Toxics uplifts voices from Oregon communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change. We collaborate with other nonprofits, educators, and tribal organizations to build a movement to demand that state and local policies require fair, inclusive, and equitable access to clean air, clean water, and safe spaces for all to live and work in.

What we are doing

Our community-driven, multiracial movement challenges mainstream decision-makers and advocates to address systemic, historic causes of environmental injustices. Beyond Toxics is fighting for clean air, water and soil by demanding that the government–-at all levels–-develop and uphold strong health criteria to protect Oregon’s vulnerable communities.



Environmental Justice

We work closely with communities impacted by the harmful effects of industrial air toxics and off-gassing groundwater plumes, diesel particulate and carbon pollution. Our advocacy for air emission reporting helped lead the state to adopt a new program requiring industries to report their air toxics emissions inventory and make the data available to the public. Learn more

A diverse group of sustainable people holding plants in an eco friendly environment for nature conservation. Closeup of hands planting in fertile soil for sustainability and organic farming

Regenerative Ecosystems

Beyond Toxics is addressing the critical question of how we help restore or revitalize Oregon’s regenerative ecosystems so they can adequately access their own sources of energy and materials to better support humans, plants, wildlife and our climate. Regenerative products, like timber, can not only be grown for harvest, but can also be grown in a way that improves our environment and provides habitat and other ecosystem services throughout its lifetime. Learn more

See the website launched to support the Kalapuya Cultural Project and Wetlands Preservation!


Pesticide Reform

Pesticide use is a critical environmental justice issue, especially for farm and forestry workers, rural communities and children who are most impacted by chemicals known to cause a myriad of health problems and learning disabilities.

Beyond Toxics supports leadership in communities on the front lines of pesticide exposure. We work with community leaders, mostly working class and BIPOC communities, to help connect them with local and statewide policy advocacy campaigns. Learn more


Climate Justice

Beyond Toxics serves frontline communities that have historically and presently borne the brunt of health, economic and ecological impacts as a consequence of climate change. Together, we strive to ensure a regenerative economy with full access to renewable energy, clean air and water, valued jobs and healthy living environments. Learn more

Natural organic reusable household cleaning products. Zero waste

Green Home Cleaning Campaign

Chemicals found in a wide variety of the household goods and products we use every day may be more toxic than previously thought. In part because of the array of chemicals used to manufacture things we use in our daily lives, the U.S. Poison Centers responded to well over 2 million human exposure cases in the United States in 2020. [source: America's Poison Centers]. Learn more

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, we can’t eat money, or drink oil.

~ Chief Water Commissioner Autumn Peltier

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