Read the Beyond Toxics report, Beneath The Pump: The Threat of Petroleum Contamination (PDF) on the dangers of petroleum contamination in and around Eugene's gas stations.

Beyond Toxics advocates for a ban on the construction of new gas stations in Eugene. Existing gas stations pose a threat to human and environmental health and undermine state and local efforts to reduce fossil fuels.

TOP 4 reasons to support a gas station moratorium
1. Gas stations emit toxic air pollution linked to asthma, birth defects, and cancer.
2. Gas stations frequently leak petroleum contaminating nearby groundwater, soil, and air causing damage to nearby properties.
3. Economists and energy experts predict most existing gas stations will be unprofitable in the next 10 years as electric car sales continue to rise.
4. Banning the construction of new gas stations is not new and has already been done in several cities in California and is being proposed in several other large cities.