In Defense of the Climate Protection Program


Oregon's prize accomplishment to fight for stronger climate policy is under attack from organized fossil fuel industry groups! Beyond Toxics and a coalition of state and national advocates are fighting back.

January 2024 UPDATE

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's Plan for Re-establishment:
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has announced plans to reestablish the state's Climate Protection Program following a Court of Appeals ruling that invalidated the rules due to a procedural technicality.

Governor Kotek's Support:
Governor Kotek is in full support of the reinstatement of the Climate Protection Program, demonstrating a commitment to uphold Oregon's bedrock climate policies and reach the state's climate goals.

Swift Reinstatement and Concerns:
Beyond Toxics is a key legal intervenor in the court case and, along with a coalition of environmental justice, climate, and business organizations, emphasize the importance of swift reinstatement. Our collective goal is to address climate goals, hold fossil fuel companies accountable, and ensure economic prosperity, especially for disadvantaged communities. There are concerns about potential delays that could weaken the program's underlying rules. We advocate for maintaining the science-based integrity of the Climate Protection Program throughout the reinstatement process.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in our efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental justice!

We need your help! Please send the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) your feedback TODAY!



Please send the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) your feedback by emailing your concerns to Lindsay Trapp at

You can draw from these top talking points in your email to the EQC:


  • I am disappointed by the December 2023 Court of Appeals ruling, which invalidated Oregon’s cornerstone Climate Protection Program (CPP) procedural grounds related to the rulemaking process.

  • The CPP was developed through a robust 18-month rulemaking process, and informed by extensive input from environmental justice, labor, business, and community leaders, as well as regulated industries.

  • By delaying implementation of the CPP, the court’s decision represents a significant setback for Oregon’s climate, local economies, and communities– especially Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income, rural, and other communities who stand to benefit the most from emissions reductions and investments under the CPP.

  • I demand the State hold the oil and gas industry accountable for the impact it is having on our lives, our families and our communities.

  • I strongly urge DEQ leadership and the EQC to work to restore the CPP’s vital climate and community protections without delay.

  • As DEQ moves forward with a process to swiftly readopt the CPP rules, it is imperative that the reinstated program maintain the science-based emissions cap trajectory established in the previously adopted rules.

    Thank you.
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See the full sample email document (PDF)


Oregon's Climate Protection Program (CPP) stands as a beacon of hope in our fight against climate change, compelling major polluters to make significant emissions reductions. However, the very foundation of CPP is now under siege, threatened by relentless efforts from regulated industries.


Benefits of the Climate Protection Program


Science-based emissions targets for oil companies, fossil “natural” gas utilities, and major industrial facilities to cut their climate pollution in half by 2035.


Improved public health and resiliency for communities in Oregon most harmed by burning fossil fuels and climate change, saving billions of dollars annually in avoided health impacts.


Investments in clean energy projects to support job creation, economic vitality, and cleaner, cheaper, healthier energy and transportation options in communities of color, tribal, low-income, rural and coastal communities across the state.


Opportunities for technological innovation and advancement that will benefit Oregon’s workers and consumers by transitioning to a clean energy economy.

In December of 2021, Oregon took one of its biggest steps ever toward reducing climate pollution and delivering a stable climate for the future. Earlier this year, a consortium of fossil fuel and industrial polluter corporations filed a lawsuit to kill this precedent-setting climate action program! On September 7, 2022, a coalition of environmental justice, climate, and business organizations filed a legal intervention to defend Oregon’s landmark Climate Protection Program against attempted oil and gas industry rollbacks. 

The Climate Protection Program, adopted by the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission, left unscathed, will help secure a healthy climate future, invest in frontline communities, and hold corporate polluters accountable. This makes Oregon only the third state to require reductions in harmful greenhouse gas emissions!

The adopted program came after a robust year-and-a-half-long rulemaking process, extensive advocacy from climate and environmental justice advocates (including Beyond Toxics), and over 7,600 comments from the public!

If the fossil fuel industry is successful, this lawsuit will hinder the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's authority to regulate climate pollution more broadly. The Climate Protection Program is essential in achieving our state's climate goals. It also sets a precedent for other states looking to adopt programs in the face of climate inaction. It is absolutely critical that we use every tool to defend this program against rollbacks.

Jan. 12, 2023 Press Release (PDF)

September 7 Press Release (PDF)

CPP Defense Coalition Motion To Intervene (PDF)

Preserving Oregon's Economy-wide Cap on Carbon Emissions
September 23, 2022 Ralph Cavanagh
Guest Blog by Angus Duncan, Pacific Northwest Consultant to NRDC

NEWS: In Defense of the Climate Protection Program by Carmen Bruneau, The News Guard



Oregon’s vulnerable communities have first-hand experience of the suffering and hardship caused by the climate crisis. If left untouched by fossil fuel industry opposition, the Climate Protection Program has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of Oregonians through strong emissions reductions. Keeping the Climate Protection Program intact is key to improving public health and resilience for Oregon’s environmental justice and frontline communities.”

 - Teryn Yazdani, Staff Attorney and Climate Policy Manager at Beyond Toxics

Read the FULL Sept. 7 Press Release (PDF)

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