By Kelsey Dudley

EUGENE, Ore. – A report released Wednesday says the bee friendly plants you buy from some major retailers may not be bee friendly at all.

The report was compiled by Friends of the Earth.

They tested 71 plants for sale at stores in 18 cities across the country, including Eugene.

The study found 36 plants tested positive for neonicotinoids, a pesticide known to harm bees.

Lisa Arkin with the local group Beyond Toxics said you have a 50/50 chance that the plants you’re loading in your car from big box stores already contain poison.

And that poison doesn’t just go away.

“These poisons are so long lived they stay in the soil and plant for years to come,” Arkin said. “So you could be unknowingly continuing to poison the pollinators that come to your garden a year or even two years later.”

Home Depot responded to the study by saying that later this year their suppliers will be required to label plants that are treated with neonics.

A spokesperson for Lowe’s said they concerned about this issue and they’ve been monitoring it closely.

The Lowe’s spokesperson added that the company asks all vendors to follow EPA guidlelines.