Reporting: Kelsey Dudley, KVAL-TV

EUGENE, Ore. – Walmart announced it will work to reduce toxic chemicals in their products.

Local environmentalist groups call the retailer’s move monumental.

“Walmart’s actions will help our legislators understand how necessary it is to protect the public from these dangereous chemicals,” said Lisa Arkin with Eugene-based Beyond Toxics.

The company announced its “Going Green” goal on Monday at its global sustainability milestone meeting.

“They’re specifically asking the suppliers to look for replacements that are safe,” said Jen Coleman with the Oregon Environmental Council.

Walmart did not respond to requests for comment.

On the company’s website, Walmart said it will focuson 10 chemicals that commonly appear in personal care and cleaning products.

“A lot of the chemicals they are phasing out are in products that are hard to make yourself,” Arkin said – like perfume and makeup.

But when it comes to cleaning supplies, both Beyond Toxics and the Oregon Environmental Council say to make them yourself.

“Five basic ingredients will do every job you need at home,” Coleman said. “Vinegar, baking soda, plain soap, hydrogen peroxide and a little bit of elbow grease.”