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We’re working hard to get toxics out of our public places, so our families can enjoy a clean environment for generations to come. Learn more about how we’re taking action through our current campaigns, our reports and our community partnerships.


Join us for wine, food, an amazing silent auction and LIVE jazz music at the beautiful Silvan Ridge Winery in Southwest Eugene, Oregon!

Spread out your blanket and relax under the summer evening sky as you enjoy a glass of your favorite Silvan Ridge wine and listen to music by A Side of Beets with Halie Loren, featuring members of the Sugar Beets.

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  • Crow Feather Farm

    Beyond Toxics is publicizing local gardens friendly to our increasingly fragile population of pollinators. In this blog we visit Jessica Jackowski’s garden in Eugene. Along a path at Crow Feather Farm, borage blossoms unfurl in spirals. A honeybee dances among them, then attaches herself upside down to a nectar-rich mini-grotto, proboscis sucking up sweetness. A… Read more »