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Beyond Toxics is working hard to get toxics out of our public places, so our families can enjoy a clean environment for generations to come.

Oregon OSHA is proposing alternative farm worker safety rules. Speak up TODAY for justice!

We’re taking action through our current campaigns, our reports and our community partnerships.


Get Involved

Let’s make Oregon a better place to live!

Oregon does not have health-based air quality regulations. Cleaner Air Oregon hearings are your chance to weigh-in and change that! Also, endorse the Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change!

Let Your Voice Be Heard: get tips for writing a letter to the editor with links to Oregon’s newspapers.

  • Resigning from GreenLane

    Beyond Toxics is proud to have been one of the first nonprofits to join GreenLane Sustainable Business Network, a membership group for businesses and other organizations interested in sustainability. In September, I volunteered to serve on GreenLane’s board on behalf of Beyond Toxics. Unfortunately, as the Eugene Weekly reports in this week’s paper, I will… Read more »