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Continue funding the Healthy Homes Grant Program!

This funding bill passed in the 2024 legsilative session! Congratulations to OJTA and all allies and supporters who advocated for passage!


One of the most important developments in the 2024 legislative session is the effort to fully fund the Healthy Homes program! Will you help us fight to keep seniors, low-income, and frontline families in their homes? Solving Oregon’s housing crisis is about more than building new housing, it’s about reducing the cost of essential home repairs so that low-income families can live safely in the homes we already have.

Did you know that about 49% of homes and apartments Oregonians live in were built before 1980? This housing is energy inefficient and in need of essential repairs such as mold or lead abatement. The Healthy Homes Grant Program covers essential home repairs not typically funded by other state or federal programs, and it’s likely to run out by 2025. Frontline communities, including people of color, low-income, rural, and disabled communities are at the highest risk.


The Climate Protection Plan (CPP) needs your support!

Please write to DEQ leadership and the EQC to urge them to restore the CPP’s vital
climate and community protections without delay!

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's Plan for Re-establishment:
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has announced plans to reestablish the state's Climate Protection Program following a Court of Appeals ruling that invalidated the rules due to a procedural technicality.

Swift Reinstatement and Concerns:
Beyond Toxics is a key legal intervenor in the court case and, along with a coalition of environmental justice, climate, and business organizations, we emphasize the importance of swift reinstatement. Our collective goal is to address climate goals, hold fossil fuel companies accountable, and ensure economic prosperity, especially for disadvantaged communities. There are concerns about potential delays that could weaken the program's underlying rules. We advocate for maintaining the science-based integrity of the Climate Protection Program throughout the reinstatement process.

We need your help to send the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) your feedback TODAY!

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Governor Kotek:
We need a special day set aside to honor native bees in Oregon!

Your support is needed to keep 80,000 Tons of Waste Out of Lane County every Year!

Let's bring back Oregon Native Bee Conservation Day and protect our essential pollinators for thriving ecosystems!

Under former Governor Kate Brown, we successfully advocated for a declaration designating Oregon Native Bee Conservation Awareness Day. However, during the COVID pandemic, the designation lapsed. Let's join together to bring back our unique Oregon Native Bee Conservation Day permanently to raise awareness about the astounding diversity of native bees in our State!

According to ongoing research, there are an estimated 500 to 800 native bee species in Oregon! Will you join us in asking Governor Kotek to establish a permanent day on May 15th to honor Oregon's extraordinary native bees? If you agree, please sign the petition below and we will pass along your name and email address to the Governor.

Thank you for your support! We have collected the signatures we need and are submitting them to the governor. Stay tuned for updates!

Take Action for a Gas Station Moratorium


The Eugene City Council and Mayor are currently considering a land use policy that would ban the construction of new gas stations. We ask that the council schedule a work session as soon as possible, and that they make a motion to pass the policy. We need your help to protect public health and our environment! Eugene City Councilors needs to hear from you now! Use our testimony guide to make your voice heard.

Read our NEW Report, Beneath The Pump: The Threat of Petroleum Contamination (PDF) on the dangers of petroleum contamination.

Read the Guest Viewpoint in Eugene Weekly by Nate Wilson, Beyond Toxics LUST/UST Data Analysis Intern: Rethinking the Pump - Why there is no need for new gas stations

Learn more about a gas station moratorium | Sign the petition to Eugene's City Council



Protect Golden Gardens Park

Say NO to plastic artificial turf at Golden Gardens Park!

Golden Gardens Park is one of the few natural areas with wildlife habitat in Bethel and is a crown jewel of the community. The site features herons, bald eagles, and Western Pond Turtles. The City of Eugene is proposing a new community sporting complex to meet the community’s need to accommodate recreational activities. While we support local sports and recreation, the proposal will include adding a significant amount of plastic Astroturf to this highly sensitive habitat.

We urge the City Council and the Golden Gardens Park Advisory Group to reject proposals to use Astroturf at the sporting complex. Astroturf is plastic grass that disintegrates when exposed to sunlight and contributes to the environmental burden of microplastics in local and global environments. Microplastics are also absorbed into the blood of wildlife and people, and has been linked with cancer, particularly youth who are in the goalie position.

Learn more about our Golden Gardens campaign
Sign the petition to Eugene's City Council:
If you live in the Eugene city boundaries, please fill out the petition form here.
If you live outside of Eugene and would like to offer your encouragement to help protect Golden Gardens, please fill out this form instead.

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