Beyond Toxics Office in Eugene, Oregon

Please feel free to call us at our Eugene office number:

Our office hours are generally 9-5 Monday through Friday
info (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org |

NEWS: A 2nd office will be opening in Phoenix, Oregon, on Sept. 16th: 107 West 1st Street. (Read the press release-PDF)

For volunteer opportunities: volunteers (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org

For internship opportunities: internships (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org

For questions/corrections for our web site: website (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org


Or write to us:
Beyond Toxics
P.O. Box 1106
Eugene, OR 97440
1192 Lawrence St.
Eugene, OR 97401

We are soon opening a 2nd office in Southern Oregon. The Open House and Fundraiser will be held on Sat., Sept. 16, 2017

Our staff directory:

Lisa Arkin
Executive Director
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: larkin (at) beyondtoxics dot org

John Jordan-Cascade
Communications Manager
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: jjcascade (at) beyondtoxics dot org

Krystal Abrams
Social Media & Save Oregon’s Bees Campaign Coordinator
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: kabrams (at) beyondtoxics dot org

Mysti Frost
Environmental Justice Community Organizer
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: mfrost (at) beyondtoxics dot org

Ana Molina Trejo
Environmental Justice Campaign Liaison
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: amolina (at) beyondtoxics dot org

Ephraim Payne
Development and Events Manager
Office: 541-465-8860
Email: epayne (at) beyondtoxics dot org


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