Cleaner Air Oregon

Beyond Toxics urges you to support health-based air quality regulations. It is critical that the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) hears from YOU now! Why? We’ve learned industry is pulling out all their tricks to kill the Cleaner Air Oregon initiative, including suing Governor Brown and the DEQ! Polluters want to deprive Oregon of the chance to modernize our air quality laws. Together, we must step up for a healthy environment.

TAKE ACTION: Speak up for Oregon’s air quality!
Submit written comments by January 22, 2018

Cleaner Air Oregon Fact Sheet (core talking points)
Need succinct arguments for your input? Read Lisa Arkin’s latest letter to the editor on the subject, “Oregon’s air-quality rules weak.”

If you’d like to submit more detailed comments, please send them to:

write to:

Joe Westersund
Department of Environmental Quality
700 NE Multnomah Street, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232-4100

Or via email:
Subject heading: “CAO Draft Rules Comment

or via the DEQ web form

Joe Westersund: | 503-229-6403
Keith Johnson: | 503-229-6431

See this page for a draft of the new rules, details and online comment site:
Cleaner Air Oregon Regulatory Overhaul

Join Beyond Toxics and a coalition of clean air advocacy groups in sharing a vision for clean, healthy air in our communities.

Cleaner Air Oregon government website

See also, “Frontline Communities Need Air Data” a blog by Lisa Arkin

Read Lisa’s blog, “Regulating air for community health – a new concept in Oregon?” and

Oregonian editorial, “Oregon needs local toxics-reporting laws” by Mary O’Brien and Lisa Arkin

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