Woman_n_ChildReading-430pxBeyond Toxics’ members want safer chemical policies for all Americans, right? Now is your chance to make that happen!

Oregon's Senator Merkley sits on the Environment & Public Works Committee. These men and women will meet on Wednesday to craft the Chemical Safety Information Act, a bipartisan proposal five years in the making. This Act could require human health protections, chemical reporting and green chemistry alternatives.

It's up to Senator Merkley and his colleagues to speak up for the strongest possible bill, so that we can truly protect our air and water, our homes and our communities, from toxic chemicals that harm health.

Senator Merkley needs to hear from you today: send a message through his web site or call the Washington, D.C. office TODAY: 202-224-3753.

Senator Merkley needs to know exactly where Oregonians stand. Will you ask your Senator to stand up for a bill that truly works to create a healthier world?

Let's not miss our chance. Act today: send an email to Senator Merkley urging him to speak up for a strong Chemical Safety Improvement Act.


Dear Senator Merkley,

I am a member of Beyond Toxics and I care about a healthy environment and safe products for children and families. When you go to the Environment and Public Works hearing this week on the Toxics Substances Control Act, please take a bold stance to reform our nation's toxic chemicals policy.

For too long, we've allowed under-tested and toxic chemicals in our products, our communities, and even in our bodies. We need you to fix and strengthen the law for the sake of our future health.

Our chemical laws must explicitly protect the people who are most vulnerable to lasting harm from chemical exposures: pregnant women, infants and children. Beyond Toxics has published their study on communities in industrial areas and have found that minority and low-income communities bear a greater burden of chemical exposure. This is unjust.

Please act quickly to overhaul our outdated toxic chemicals laws. We must start with fast action on the worst chemicals, and create clear timelines for action in all aspects of regulation.

I think it is important to note that Oregon has been the first to act as proving grounds of policies that protect health, such as the Safe Public Places Act which passed the Oregon Legislature in 2013 and will help Oregon reduce pesticides.

Don’t allow ANY state pre-emptions in the Toxics Substances Control Act.
Let's make sure federal laws still allow states to regulate toxic chemicals.

Thank you for your time.

(name here)

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