2021 Environmental and Climate Justice Legislation

NEWS FLASH: SCR 17 was signed by Senate President Peter Courtney!

The words captured above are a “Word Cloud” of the key concepts that make up the essence of SCR 17, a work of groundbreaking importance.


Beyond Toxics, NAACP Eugene/Springfield and NAACP PDX are taking immediate action to address environmental equity and climate impacts. Together we are introducing two transformational pieces of Environmental and Climate Justice legislation that will support our most impacted communities across the state of Oregon.

BILL TITLE: Environmental Justice for Oregon: A Joint Resolution
DESCRIPTION: One-page summary of SCR 17 (PDF)
SPONSORS: Introduced by Senators Dembrow, Golden, Frederick and Manning and Representatives Power and Helm.
Co-sponsors of SCR 17 include: Senator Dembrow (Chief Sponsor), Senator Manning, Senator Frederick, Senator Golden, Representative Power (Chief Sponsor), Representative Helm, Representative Schouten, Representative Lively, Representative Reardon, Representative Wilde

This joint resolution establishes principles, builds a framework of shared values, and lays the path forward for future policies and practices based on the right to ethical, balanced, healthy and responsible uses of land and renewable resources for future generations.

ALSO: Guest Opinion: Environmental justice on the floor of Legislature by Robert W. Collin (Read the PDF)

NEWS FLASH: SCR 17, our resolution to establish an environmental justice and racial equity framework of principles for the State of Oregon, has just passed in the full chamber of the Oregon House by a WIDE margin and has been signed by Senate President Peter Courtney! It now proceeds to the Governor for her signature.

BIG shout out to both Representative Pham (pictured on the home page) and Representative Power (above) for their powerful floor speeches in support of SCR 17!


Special thanks and recognition goes to our allies in the battle to win this resolution: all Oregon chapters of the NAACP and the Oregon Just Transition Alliance. We are truly grateful for the help of Rep. Karin Power, Rep. Ken Helm and Rep. Khanh Pham in the House and Senators Michael Dembrow and Jeff Golden. We also thank Rep. Mark Owens (R-District 60) who spoke eloquently in favor of the resolution before members of the House.

In her speech on the House floor, Rep. Khanh Pham, said:
As legislators, it is our collective responsibility to improve public health in Oregon, and build a just, equitable, and resilient future…SCR 17 provides us the opportunity to uphold these values and to adopt them as a framework for legislative decision-making.”

Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics says, “The message of SCR 17 is that Environmental Justice principles hold true for all Oregonians. It’s about respecting the needs of those people who have long been underserved and overburdened by complex and continuing environmental challenges – and to declare our collective responsibility to build a sustainable future for all framed by new dialogues of equity and justice.”

Communities throughout Oregon are already dealing with wildfires, extreme drought, air pollution and an ongoing public health crisis. SCR 17 gives me hope that Oregonians will come together to find timely and necessary solutions in addressing how environmental harm causes greater burdens for vulnerable communities,” says Haley Case-Scott, Climate Justice Grassroots Organizer.

Now that we successfully passed SCR 17, help us pass HB 2488-A, the bill for equity in land use. Find out how you can help today!

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2) BILL NUMBER: HB 2488-A Engrossed 
BILL TITLE: Equity in Land Use
SPONSORS: Introduced by Representatives Power and Helm
Chief Sponsors: Representative Power, Helm; Senators Golden and Dembrow
Regular Sponsors: Representatives Holvey, Alonso-Leon, Wilde, Meek, Dexter, Nosse, Hudson, Neron, Pham, Salinas, Schouten; Senators Frederick and Prozanski

UPDATE ON HB 2488-A Engrossed: Equity in Land Use:
The House Committee on Energy and the Environment has passed HB 2488-7 out of committee! It is now being considered in the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

HB 2488-A did not survive the legislative session.

As a joint committee, the Joint Committee On Ways and Means has legislators from both the House and the Senate. Please send a message to your Senator and Representative in the House and ask them to express their support for HB 2488-A to pass out of the Ways and Means Committee with the necessary budget!

If you are uncertain about who represents you in the Oregon legislature, see the Legislator Lookup!

For help crafting your emails, you can draw talking points from several sources, including:

SAMPLE EMAIL: Contact your legislator to help move HB 2488-A forward (PDF)

…our one-page summary of HB 2488-A Engrossed (PDF)

…the Guest Opinion in the April 9th edition of the Statesman-Journal: HB 2488-3 address equity in land use by Phil Carver and Roberta Cade

…and see also, Lay of the Land (Use), a new blog from Lisa Arkin

Our statewide land use planning goals were written and adopted nearly 50 years ago, and lack standards for meaningful and equitable public participation, for achieving environmental justice, and for addressing the impacts of climate change. HB 2488- A Engrossed, Equity in Land Use, addresses these gaps in our land use system. Requires the Land Conservation and Development Commission (Commission) to update Goal 1; this would ensure the opportunity to participate in land use planning and decision-making is accessible to disadvantaged groups; to incorporate practices to engage the community, including disadvantaged groups, on climate justice, environmental justice and equity in land use planning and decision-making; and lastly that DLCD is utilizing current technologies and mediums to improve and expand communication between the local government and general public, including disadvantaged groups, and enhance the access to and accessibility of information used in land use planning and decision-making to the general public, including disadvantaged groups.

See the video recording of the 1st hearing; discussion and testimony for HB 2488 starts at about 1 hour, 9 minutes.

You can also watch the recording from the 4/12 work session.

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Speakers: Senator James Manning, Representative Karin Power, Sharon Gary-Smith, President of the Portland Chapter of the NAACP Portland and Eric Richardson of the Lane County chapter of the NAACP, and others.


Our co-partners include:
the Lane County and Portland Chapters of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)


Our endorsers include:
Climate Solutions, Corvallis/Albany NAACP unit #1118, Verde, Rogue Climate, Portland NAACP 1120-B branch, Douglas County Global Warming Coalition, LiveMove, Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network, Democratic Party of Oregon’s Environmental Caucus, 350 Salem Oregon, Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), University of Oregon Climate Justice League, Elders Climate Action (ECA) – Oregon Chapter, Our Climate, Cascadia Action Network, Congregations P’nai Or and Havurah Shalom, 350 Eugene, Surfrider Foundation – Oregon Chapters, the Oregon Democratic Caucus, Klamath-Siskiyou Wild, 350 PDX, Rural Organizing Project, UO Coalition Against Environmental Racism, Eastside Portland Air Coalition, Renewable Northwest, Urban Greenspaces Institute, the Oregon Student Association, Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association, Neighbors for Clean Air, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon/Oregon Interfaith Power and Light, 350 Eugene, Center for Biological Diversity, and The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians.