The Oregon Chapter Sierra Club's Forest Team presents

Aerial Spraying, the Backstory and a Hopeful Future


WHAT: Aerial Spraying, the Backstory and a Hopeful Future, a webinar with Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics
HOSTED BY: Oregon Chapter Sierra Club's Forest Team
: Thursday, March 9, 6:00-7:15 PM PST

The Oregon Chapter Forest Team invites you to learn about the impacts of aerial spraying of toxic herbicides on Oregon's industrial forestlands, the history of the fight to end these harms, and what we can do to keep this work moving forward.

Our presenter will be Lisa Arkin, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics.

Lisa is a long-time grassroots organizer for pesticide reform and racial and environmental justice, and a policy innovator who has served as an appointed member of a number of commissions and workgroups.

The Oregon timber industry’s practice of spraying herbicides — all of them dangerous to humans, fish and animals — has been deeply controversial for decades. Studies show that up to 40 percent of the pesticides sprayed onto forestland by helicopters is blown
off course from its targets.

Many thousands of pounds of pesticides are sprayed on forestland throughout Oregon every year, though actual numbers are not published due to lack of reporting requirements. Progress has been made in recent years, but much remains to be done. New rules did not require any reductions in the frequency or amounts of pesticides sprayed. Environmentalists and impacted communities want the practice significantly reduced or banned altogether, and the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club will continue to work for that change.

We hope you will join us on March 9th to learn more.

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