A native bee gathers pollen during a Beyond Toxics bee survey in Rasor Park. Photo by Emily Matlock.

Governor Kotek: We need a special day set aside to honor native bees in Oregon!

The signatures have been gathered and will be passed along to Governor Kotek SOON!


Let's bring back Oregon Native Bee Conservation Day and protect our essential pollinators for thriving ecosystems!

Under former Governor Kate Brown, we successfully advocated for a declaration designating Oregon Native Bee Conservation Awareness Day. However, during the COVID pandemic, the designation lapsed. Let's join together to bring back our unique Oregon Native Bee Conservation Day permanently to raise awareness about the astounding diversity of native bees in our State!

According to ongoing research, there are an estimated 500 to 800 native bee species in Oregon! Will you join us in asking Governor Kotek to establish a permanent day on May 15th to honor Oregon's extraordinary native bees? If you agree, please sign the petition below and we will pass along your name and email address to the Governor. Thank you!

Why did we choose May 15th for a Native Bee Day?
The warmer weather of spring sparks the emergence of many native bee species from their overwintering stages. Mid-May is typically the time bees begin actively pollinating Oregon’s early spring flowers and trees. Native bees play a vital role in pollinating native plants and contribute significantly to the reproduction of native plant species during the season. Additionally, the emergence of many native Oregon bee species from their overwintering stages in the Spring provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and showcase the diversity of these precious pollinators as they become more active in their crucial ecological roles.



WHEREAS: Oregon’s native bees are essential pollinators in ecosystems that support the reproduction of flowering plants and trees, including fruits and seeds that are a major part of the diet of approximately 25% of all birds and mammals; and
WHEREAS: Oregon provides habitat for as many as 500-800 native bee species, and, for example, twenty-seven unique native bee species contribute to cranberry pollination in Southern Oregon; and
WHEREAS: Wild and native bees are critical for pollination services for agriculture and the plants they pollinate comprise over 30% of the food and beverages consumed by people.
WHEREAS: Native bees are critical to natural ecosystems and wildlife, and pollinate 80 percent of flowering plants.
WHEREAS: Native bees are facing daunting challenges including climate change, habitat destruction and widespread use of pesticides, resulting in steady declines in native bee populations.
NOW, THEREFORE: I, Tina Kotek, Governor of the State of Oregon hereby proclaim May 15th to be Oregon Native Bee Conservation Day.


Do you support the above proclamation?
Please fill out the form below and we will let Gov. Kotek know of your support.


If you're a photographer and enjoy the beauty of bees, please consider entering our 11th Annual Beauty of the Bee Photo Contest. Bee-Dazzle us with your love of bees!

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