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Beyond Toxics is a feisty, dedicated, grassroots environmental health non-profit based in Oregon. Our primary focus is public education and advocacy for the public interest. Together with people in communities across Oregon, we work to leave a long-lasting legacy of clean air, healthy people and a toxics-free environment.

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We are winning in our various campaigns that protect your health and Oregon’s air, water and forests!

Beyond Toxics was the first and primary organization serving rural communities in their fight to hold aerial herbicide sprayers accountable.

Beyond Toxics worked with Oregonians and the legislature to pass new laws regulating aerial sprays. We shine in our role as conscientious watchdogs. Our research and media team exposed how truck drivers and loggers got sprayed with herbicides while doing their job. We made sure reluctant state agencies beefed up their monitoring and enforced laws. We held legislators’ feet to the fire. This resulted in penalties of nearly $100,000 and passage of historic new laws regulating pesticide sprays!

We’re not stopping there. We are making sure that Oregon has fair and just climate and energy policies.

We work on the front lines of moving Oregon towards true climate justice policies that ensure green energy, clean air and protecting environmental justice communities.

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