Lane County Climate Equity and Resilience Project

Beyond Toxics is partnering with the policy division of Lane County Government to bring community perspectives to their draft Climate Action Plan to ensure the County’s climate actions are equitable and address the needs of all Lane County communities. The Board of County Commissioners will soon vote on adopting the final plan. We are providing this resource page to help the public make meaningful recommendations during the County’s public comment period. Comments must be received by September 30th.

Why is this important?
Two parallel processes and the community's experiences must be incorporated in to the governments’ final plan. Beyond Toxics’ Equitable & Resilient Climate Strategies for Lane County, Oregon is essential to Lane County’s larger draft Climate Action Plan because it is a community-led process. Lane County can lay out a framework for other cities in Lane County to use as guidance in their local climate action plans.

The Report developed from the Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force, an advisory committee composed of community representatives and stakeholders who live and work with diverse and under-represented communities in Lane County.

The Task Force worked for 18 months on both mitigation and resilience planning processes to ensure that the needs of all Lane County communities are represented and addressed in the Community Climate Resilience Plan.

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The community-based report can be used as a guide for community members who would like to submit public comments
on the Lane County Community Climate Resilience Plan.

Comment Period Ends: Friday, September 30th

Take Action

Please submit your comments for the DRAFT Lane County Climate Resilience Plan by Sept. 30th using the Lane County CRP Feedback Form.

Step 1:
Read the community-based, "Equitable & Resilient Climate Strategies for Lane County, Oregon" (PDF) | Please review the Executive Summary starting on p. 4, and the Community Strategies section beginning on p. 28.

Step 2:
Read Lane County's DRAFT report, "Lane County, OR DRAFT Climate Action Plan - Phase 3: Community Climate Resilience Plan". 

Urge our elected officials to update the draft plan with community perspectives and approve this important climate plan! You can use the Beyond Toxics’ Report to develop your comments, as well as the Recommendations for the Plan" listed below.

In your response, think about two questions: How have you seen Lane County change? How can our local government bring resources to help communities struggling with the impacts of climate change, i.e., drought, fires, jobs, heat domes, emergency response? 

Where Do We Stand On This Issue?

We would like to see the Climate Action Plan passed with the suggested improvements we have highlighted in our report. We believe that residents of Lane County need a strong plan to create a more resilient, just and equitable future. The draft Lane County Climate Action Plan will be a strong step forward with your feedback!

It is vital for our community to adapt to the climate risks many are already beginning to experience, such as, an increase in wildfires, loss of snowpack and water storage, larger and more extreme storms and more flooding, and extreme heat waves. Share your own personal story of the environmental or economic impacts you are experiencing due to climate change.

Review our Resources section below to read Lane County's draft plan.

Recommendations for the Plan

  • Clear goals and metrics to measure the results and track the County’s progress in implementing the strategies developed.

  • The county must acknowledge the historical barriers placed on underserved community members and take decisive action on them becoming the most vulnerable to climate change.

  • Lane County should further develop its equity considerations throughout the climate resilience plan.

  • Support and fund programs that help vulnerable communities combat climate change.

  • Incorporate examples of equity impacts throughout the community outreach and implementation process.

  • Address forestry resilience as a strategy. Lane County has the ability to prioritize strategies that avert risk and protect the continued economic prosperity, legacy and ecological health of the forest ecosystems in the county.


Beyond Toxics and the policy division of Lane County government are partnering on the Lane County Community Climate Resilience Plan to ensure that community outreach and engagement for the plan includes a diverse representation of residents in Lane County.

During 2021 and 2022, Beyond Toxics and the Lane County Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force held a series of stakeholder meetings to develop climate resilient strategies that are equitable and address the needs of all Lane County communities. The strategies developed from these meetings and workshops were included in the Equitable & Resilient Climate Strategies for Lane County, Oregon report. This report will be used as a roadmap for future community-led efforts to build climate resilience with other organizations and the support of Lane County.

Lane County government published the Draft Lane County Climate Resilience- Phase 3 on July 15th. Beyond Toxics believes our community should provide comments to our elected officials to strengthen the equity aspects of the government’s report.

The County opened a public comment period to solicit responses and suggestions from the broader community. If you would like to help shape Lane County climate policy, we encourage you to use our report to help you shape your comments to improve the County’s initial report. The Beyond Toxics report, Equitable & Resilient Climate Strategies for Lane County, Oregon, can serve as a guide and a source of talking points to help community members advocate for urgent action to implement equity and resilience in climate planning.

The public comment deadline is September 30, 2022. After the public comment is received, the County’s draft will be modified and submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for final approval and adoption.




Climate Trends Primer for Lane County (PDF)

Summary of Climate Trends Primer for Lane County (2 pages) 

Interview with Haley Case-Scott (former Climate Justice Organizer for Beyond Toxics) about the efforts of the Lane Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force on Jefferson Public Radio (9/29/21)


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