Resilient Forestry Tours

Currently, there are no resilient forestry tours scheduled for 2023

Most years we partner with small forest owners to host guided tours in biodiverse forests. These projects demonstrate how good forest management can protect drinking water, biodiversity and sequester carbon on the land, all of which are practices that benefit future generations.

Thanks for your involvement with the 2022 tours! We hope to organize more such tours in the future. Sign up for our action alerts if you'd like to know when our Resilient Forestry Tours return!

Most previous forestry tours have been held at Shady Creek Forest Products, a remarkable gem in Mid-Oregon’s coastal range located about 40 minutes from Eugene.




Resilient Forestry In Action - Hyla Woods (YouTube)
Shady Creek Natural Resources (YouTube) 
Zena Forest (YouTube)
Willow Witt Ranch (YouTube)



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One of many resilient forestry tours organized by Beyond Toxics.

The Shady Creek Forest strategy uses sustainable forest management to save botanical diversity, sequester carbon and sustain clean water resources. These are necessary strategies for climate-resilient forestry practices in the face of climate change. Climate change puts Oregon forests at serious risk from surges in disease, drought, tree species loss and wildfires. Resilient forestry practices adapt to the challenges of climate change while providing forest products, jobs and ecosystem balance.

The tour will be personally guided by owner and forester David Eisler. You will walk through a working forest, explore riparian habitat for endangered species and witness the difference between industrial forestry and resilient forestry. We will discuss the Shady Creek Forest sustainable management approach, which focuses on caring for rich soils and nurturing the development of diverse tree species.

Oregonians are more aware than ever that climate solutions and forest health are inter-reliant. Join us to personally experience the climate-forest connection!

"This is not just a hike in a Coast Range temperate rainforest. We will immerse ourselves in a resilient, bio-diverse forest in order to understand why mature and old growth forests offer one of our best solutions to climate change impacts. We will examine biomass, natural disturbance cycles, the intricate forest plant and animal interconnections, forest streams and the unbelievable chemistry of trees."
~ David Eisler


Our latest video about a Resilient Forest in Oregon

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