Eugene is a Bee City USA affiliate



Photo by Greg Giesy


Why Did Eugene Become a Bee City?
We will lose a lot more than honey if our bees are unable to cope with the changing climate and increasing demand for agricultural land. Our native pollinators significantly contribute to crop and wild plant pollination. It is imperative that we diversify and support the native pollinators that we rely on for food and lush outdoor spaces. By becoming a Bee City USA city Eugene has stepped up efforts to protect our pollinators in order to combat growing food-deserts and loss of green spaces in our communities.

What is a Bee City?
Bee City USA is a movement to support pollinator protection and ultimately reverse pollinator declines around the world. Bee City communities support collaboration and establish and maintain healthy pollinator habitat within the Bee City.


What will Bee City do?
Bee City USA efforts will maintain ongoing dialogue in urban areas to raise awareness of the role pollinators play in our communities and empower people to provide them with healthy habitat.

Where are other Bee Cities?
Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Gold Hill, Wilsonville and West Linn have already become Bee Cities in Oregon! There are 52 Bee Cities in the USA and counting! Together we can help our pollinators thrive!


Photo by Sherrie Pelsma

Read a sample of the resolution (PDF)


Special thanks to Glorybee for their sponsorship of this important initiative.