Bee-Friendly Gardens

Bee and Sweet Pea, Photo by Katie Montgomery

Bee and Sweet Pea, Photo by Katie Montgomery

Pollinators, in general, are a vital part of a healthy environment. Native bees are North America's most important group of pollnators. Patches of flowers can be grown almost anywhere and will form an important resource for bees. Choosing the right flowers To help bees and other pollinators, like butterflies, you should provide a range of plants that will offer a succession of flowers, and thus pollen and nectar, through the whole growing season. Patches of foraging habitat can be created in many different locations, from backyards and school grounds to gold courses and city parks. Even a small area planted with the right flowers will be beneficial, because each patch will add to the mosaic of habitat available to bees and other pollinators. Below are some good choices for plants to grow in your garden that are especially attractive to bees. (Source: Xerces Society) Bee Friendly Plants Chart Read the full 2-page brochure from the Xerces Society, "Plants for Native Bees in North America" ALSO: ALSO from Beyond Pesticides: Pollinator-Friendly Seed Directory Growing plants to protect managed and wild bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinators Given that plant starts in many garden centers across the country are grown from seeds coated with bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides, or drenched with them, Beyond Pesticides has compiled a comprehensive directory of companies and organizations that sell organic seeds to the general public. Included in this directory are seeds for vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Specific questions on each seller’s seeds can be directed to their customer service line.
Seed Distributors Location  Website Type of Seeds/ Description Phone Catalog
Adaptive Seed Oregon Certified organic since early summer 2013: Rare and heritage varieties, mostly adapted to the Pacific Northwest and other short season northern climates. 541-367-1105 Not available
All Good Things Organic Seeds California Certified organic - variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds. 805-705-9550 Not available
Annie's Heirloom Seeds Michigan Organic Seed section - certified organic (vegetables,flowers & herbs). 1-800-313-9140 Not available
Blue River Hybrids Iowa Certified organic -  grown especially for organic farmers (organic seed corn, organic soybeans and organic forages). 515-233-3090 Not available
Botanical Interests Colorado Supplies organic flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. 303-410-1677 Download
Burpee Pennsylvania Organic vegetables and herbs 1 (800) 888-1447 Can be requested
Fedco Maine  They have associated sites with tubers and trees, a co-op. A wide variety of organic seeds. 207-426-9900 Download
Harris Seeds New York Vegetable, herb and flower seeds, perrenial with untreated, treated and organic options. Not available
High Mowing Seeds Vermont Supplies organic vegetable, herb, flower, and cover crop seeds. 802-472-6174 Download
Horizon Herbs Oregon Mostly herbs, but they've started carrying vegetables. Always organic if possible. 541-846-6704 Not available
Hudson Valley Seed Library New York heirloom and open pollinated (vegetable, flower and herb seeds) Certified organic farm and Certified organic handler. 845-204-8769 Not available
Johnny's Selected Seeds Maine Organic farm seeds and cover crops, organic flowers, organic fruit, organic herb seeds and plants, organic vegetables. 877-564-6697 Download
Mountain Rose Herbs Oregon Certified organic -herbs, teas. 800-879-3337 Not available
Peaceful Valley Farm (GrowOrganic) California Organic vegetable seeds, heirloom seeds, cereal seeds etc. (888) 784-1722 Download
Renee's Garden Seeds California Supplies organic seeds (vegetables, flowers, and herbs) 1-888-880-7228 Not available
Sand Hill Preservation Center Iowa Certified organic (2008) and sells heirloom seeds -vegetable and herbs. 563-246-2299 Not available
Seeds of Change California Supplies organic vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, as well as organic live plants. Direct-buy or catalog. 888-762-7333 Download
Seeds Trust Colorado Organic vegetable, native wildflower, native grass, and medicinal herb seeds. 720-335-3436 Not available
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Virginia Offers over 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain, and cover crop organic seeds. Catalog-based business. Supplies retail locations in multiple states. Download
Sustainable Seed Company California Sells a wide variety of organic and heirloom vegetable and melon seeds. Also supplies flower, tobacco, herb, and grain seeds, as well as specialized seed products for poultry feed, etc. Also supports saving of seed catalogs as containing valuable seed information. Online orders. 707-703-1242 Can be reqeusted
Territorial Seed Co Oregon, Many organic seeds. 800-626-0866 Can be requested
Tomato Fest California Certified organic heirloom tomato seeds. Not available
Uprising Seeds Washington Certified Organic. Not available
Wild Garden Seed Oregon Certified organic (vegetables, herbs). Not available
Wood Prairie Farm Maine 1-800-829-9765 Not available
Get involved today to help save the honey bee from dangerous pesticides! (Photo by Roka Walsh)

Get involved today to help save Oregon's bees from dangerous pesticides! (Photo by Roka Walsh)

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