Vibrant Lands

Across Oregon, frontline communities are impacted by exploitative and extractive economies. This system destroys soils, denudes hillsides and diminishes agricultural and forestry diversity, leading to monocultures dependent on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

What we are doing

We promote the equitable distribution of wealth and resources while respecting ecological integrity and community resiliency. Our work promotes policies that reduce pesticides and pollution, while protecting community health through the lens of environmental justice.


Shady Creek Selfie

Resilient Forestry

We work to ensure healthy, resilient forests that support communities with clean water, stable jobs, carbon sequestration, and recreation. We organize with impacted communities and host the Oregon Pesticide Action Coalition. In coordination with resilient forest owners in Oregon, we organize hikes to showcase the many benefits of biodiverse forest management. Learn more.


Pollinator Garden

We are creating a working model of an organic, pollinator-friendly garden. We work with Huerto de la Famila, a local non-profit that helps Latino families grow and harvest their own organic food. This work builds native bee habitat to support healthy crops and abundant harvests for families that rely on this low-income garden space. Learn more.


First Foods Hike

Indigenous peoples throughout the Pacific Northwest have historically depended on a wide variety of native species for food, medicines and fibers. These traditional flora and fauna are widely referred to as First Foods amongst many tribal nations. We are working to raise understanding of the cultural, economic and medicinal importance of Pacific Northwest First Foods. Learn more.

This quote is deeply poetic and speaks to the human spirit that yearns to return to nature.
— Thoreau, probably