Highway 36/Triangle Lake Area Exposure Investigation

A helicopter applies herbicides in a clear-cut area. | credit: Bureau of Land Management

Beyond Toxics has been involved with grassroots efforts to battle pesticide drift in Lane County since 2005, including:

  • Formation of Oregon Pesticide Action Working Group (OPWG)
  • Carrying out two years of the Highway 36 Adopt-A-Landscape no-spray roadside project
  • Hosting dozens of town hall meetings
  • Ongoing outreach programs to rural communities
  • Communication with several state agencies about the problem of pesticide trespass
  • Panel presentations at the annual PIELC (e-law) conferences
  • Publishing reports on the implications of pesticide exposure

The investigation by state and federal agencies into pesticide exposure at Triangle Lake (Lane County, Oregon) began in response to the discovery that 2,4D and atrazine were showing up in the urine of dozens of local residents, including school children.

Highway 36 Corridor Investigation 2014 Update

The Oregon Health Authority has released their draft report, “Public Health Assessment Highway 36 Corridor Exposure Investigation.”

Public testimony submitted for the Environmental Health Assessment’s investigation of Highway 36 Corridor Exposure

NEWS reports:

Action Items

On Jan. 10th, 2012 Beyond Toxics sent a letter to Jae Douglas of the Oregon Health Authority, officially requesting Forestry Pesticide Spray Records (PDF file)

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