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The widespread and unnecessary use of pesticides on private forest and public lands each year results in hazardous chemicals that invade our lives through the contamination and poisoning of our bodies, native wildlife, air, land, water, and food.

The government must acknowledge and take action to eliminate pesticide trespass onto private and public property and into the bodies of residents and future generations.

We demand that the State of Oregon take the following actions:

1. The State must change laws that shield pesticide applicators from the liability and legal consequences of injuring vulnerable Oregon families. (a.k.a. The “Right to Farm and Forest” Act ORS 30.930-30.947).

2. The State must reverse state preemption laws that prohibit local governments from protecting citizens against pesticide trespass and having access to information. (ORS 634.057).

3. The State of Oregon must ensure that the public is protected from pesticide in the air, water, soil and buildings on public land by working tirelessly to ensure the following:

a. Public and environmental health
b. A green and fair economy
c. Environmental protection
d. Human rights
e. Scientific integrity
f. Transparency and accountability
g. Full cost accounting of the environmental impacts

4. Federal and state agencies are obligated to conduct a thorough, unbiased, verifiable and fully transparent investigation of chemical trespass by funding and carrying out assessments of pesticide aerial drift, volatilization and re-volatilization, pesticide run-off and the presence of pesticides in human bodies with fully informed and democratic participation by Oregonians who have been directly impacted and without influence of corporate representatives. | [Read the entire document]


Pesticide Reform Statement of Principles

Thank you for signing our petition and helping to make a healthier world. Only your name, City and State will be shared with the governor's office. Beyond Toxics will NEVER share email addresses or other personal information with any other party for any reason.

The Oregon Pesticide Action Workgroup, a project led by Beyond Toxics, has put out a Statement of Principles: The Pesticide Reform Guiding Principles (PDF file). The statement reflects many experienced grassroots voices and years of experience drawing public attention to the dangers of pesticides in our environment and in our bodies. These guiding principles are based on the values of environmental stewardship, human rights, and protection of native wildlife and habitat.

The principles and the list of supporters will be presented to Governor Kitzhaber and the appropriate state and federal agencies.

Now you can designate that your donation go directly to our work for pesticide reform when you join! After clicking on the green button (below)...from the “Program Designation” drop-down option, simply choose "Pesticide Reform."


Dr. Sandra Steingraber

See the video clips from an exclusive April 2011 Beyond Toxics interview with Dr. Sandra Steingraber in Eugene.


Write to us: info@beyondtoxics.org
or call the Beyond Toxics office in Eugene:

People/organizations who have signed on so far:

Lisa Arkin, Beyond Toxics
Eugene, OR

Deer Creek Valley Natural Resources Conservation Association
Selma, OR

Roberta Bobbi Lindberg, Beyond Toxics
Cottage Grove, OR

Eron and Justin King
Triangle Lake, OR

RuthAnne Paul - Lane County, OR

Tom Kerns, Director
Environment and Human Rights Advisory
Lane County, OR

Day Owen- Triangle Lake, OR

Genie Harden - Eugene, OR

Glenn Harden- Eugene, OR

Nancy Miller- Eugene, OR

Neal Miller - Eugene, OR

Evelyn Alford - Lane County, OR

Neila Crocker - Triangle Lake, OR

Roger Doll

Daniel J. Santana - Blachly, OR

Nancy Reed - Lane County, OR

Steve Paulson - Lane County, OR

John Sundquist, Forestland Dwellers
Coburg, OR

Jamon Devotion Cunningham - Lane County, OR

Amy Pincus-Merwin - Eugene, OR

Mala Spotted Eagle - Lane County, OR

Sam Hecocta - Lane County, OR

Chris Logan - Lane County, OR

Melissa Padgett-Voter - Lane County, OR

Sunni Williams - Lane County, OR

JiAna Rae Dollarhide - Eugene, OR

Audrey and Joel Moore - Selma, Oregon

PreciousDirt / IVCAPS (Illinois Valley Coalition of Alternatives to Pesticides)
Illinois Valley, Josephine County, Oregon

B. A. Grodhaus - Selma, Oregon

Frank Cordeiro - Cave Junction, OR

Ann Kneeland - Eugene, OR

Ken Neubeck - Eugene, OR

Gwyneth Iredale - Eugene, OR

Garth Olson - Portland, OR

Tom Schneider - Eugene, OR

Janet Shapan - Denver, CO

William Calvin - Eugene, OR

Rhonda Hampton - Selma, OR

Darise Weller - Portland, OR

Lisa & Justin Rohde - Cave Junction, OR

Kathy Ging - Eugene, OR

Tim Greathouse - Eugene, OR

Caroline Skinner - Portland, OR

Dr. John Gardiner - Cave Junction, OR

Sara Urzua - Eugene, OR

Lynn Petersen - Eugene, OR

Steven Allen - Portland, OR

Matthew Riley - Oakland, OR

Katie Kohl - Lebanon, Oregon

Ellen Singer - Eugene, Oregon

Tom Giesen - Eugene, Oregon

John Herberg - Eugene, Oregon

Patricia Clark-McDowell - Eugene, Oregon

Laura M. Ohanian - Eugene, Oregon

Michele Gladieux - Eugene, Oregon

Susan Harlan - Cheshire, Oregon

Clifford Fountain - Eugene, Oregon

Caitlin Baird - Eugene, Oregon

Mara Wile - Eugene, Oregon

Ingrid Edstrom, FNP, M.Ed. - Eugene, Oregon

Angela Duncan - Eugene, OR

Kelly Cacan - Cheshire, OR

Ruth Thorsen - Eugene, OR

Dustin Monda - Ashland, Oregon

Jerry Smith - Eugene, Oregon

Patrick Murphy - La Pine, Oregon

Melissa Padgett - Blachly, OR

Stuart Todd - Eugene, OR

Jon Davis - Eugene, OR

Ellen Petrik - Dexter, Oregon

Martha Johnson - Blachly, OR

Daryl Jackson - Williams, OR

Williams Waterway Project
Williams, OR

Chris Allan - Williams, OR

Mary Lyda - Cave Junction, Oregon

Mark Van Ryzin - Eugene, OR

Erich Reeder - Roseburg, OR

MJ Moffat - Walton, OR

Robin & Mark Winfree-Andrew - Eugene, OR

Matt Robintree - Eugene, OR

Susanna DeFazio - Walton, OR

David Tvedt - Eugene, OR

Dee Tvedt - Eugene, OR

Dr. Jimmy Schaper - Cottage Grove, OR

Christine Hubbard - Cottage Grove, OR

Gwendolyn Iris - Eugene, OR

Billy Burrus - Deadwood, OR

Kathryn Burruss - Deadwood, OR

Tehanan Ross - Deadwood, OR

Leslie Benscoter - Deadwood, OR

Mercedes Benscoter - Deadwood, OR

Richard Gross - Deadwood, OR

Cathy B. Barr - Deadwood, OR

Michelle Holman - Deadwood, OR

Linda Kanter - Deadwood, OR

Greg Kennedy - Deadwood, OR

Nancy Reed - Deadwood, OR

Jill Paulson - Lowell, OR

Ray Kenny - Deadwood, OR

Kim Goodwin - Blachly, OR

Trey Williams - Blachly, OR

Sunni Williams - Blachly, OR

Kim Forsythe - Deadwood, OR

Chelsea DeBaun - Deadwood, OR

Mark Mentzer - Greenleaf, OR

Bonnie Ann Aicks - Deadwood, OR

David Saul - Eugene, OR

Brenda Gaines - Eugene, OR

Elaine Phillips - Eugene, OR

Franne Kamhi - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Janet Russell - Eugene, OR

Chuck Mitchell - Eugene, OR

Derrick Hindery - Eugene, OR

Allison Baldyga - Eugene, OR

Kimberly Sing - Eugene, OR

Debbie Sierchio - Trinity, Florida

Rebecca Lorang - Williams, OR

Jennifer McAuley - Eugene, Oregon

John Altshuler - Eugene, Oregon

Carter McKenzie - Dexter, OR

Glenn Sierchio - Trinity, Florida

Dianne Ensign - Portland, OR

Jen and Doug Hornaday - Eugene, OR

Joan Weldon
Mary Jane Moffat
Marlene Shapiro
Ruth Anne Paul
Lisa Gray
Paul Katen
Barbara Trask
Steve Trask
Jennifer McKinnis
Kate Madison
Joanne Cvar
Concerned Citizens for Clean Air
Maxine Centala
Christine Coulter
Robert Riley
Theresa Sihock
Margaret James
Lee Hughes
Wendy McGowan
David Lambert
Beau Binder
Molly Barry
Amy Godard
Charlotte Sahnow
Sandra Gray
Heather Gardner-Madras

Now you can designate that your donation go directly to our work for pesticide reform when you join! After clicking on the green button (below)...from the “Program Designation” drop-down option, simply choose "Pesticide Reform."


Beyond Toxics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible. Please consider giving a gift of a Beyond Toxics membership to a friend or family member!

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Beyond Toxics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.
Please consider giving a gift of a Beyond Toxics membership to a friend or family member!



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