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R-G Guest editorial: Roy Keene, an Oregon forester, challenges our archaic forestry practices

10Steps_FrancisE_SenecaSprayingHerbicides-smallTen Steps You Need to Take When Suspecting Pesticide/Herbicide Drift (PDF)
A primer by Lisa Arkin
Our recommendations based on ten years of experience helping communities confront and heal from pesticide exposures…


BELOW…Whistleblower video captures helicopter spraying weed killers on workers: April 26, 2015
(Published on May 21, 2015 on the Oregonian’s YouTube channel)
Darryl Ivy, a truck driver for Applebee Aviation, repeatedly took shelter in his truck to avoid being sprayed with weed killers from a helicopter. This video is one of more than 200 he shot with his phone. – Read the May 20, 2015 Oregonian article, “Whistleblower videos reveal helicopter spraying workers with weed killers

2nd video clip from whistleblower Darryl Ivy…

Drift: A Community Seeking Justice (19:36)

This Is Our Watershed (5:57), a short film about forestry pesticide issues in the Rockaway Beach watershed on Oregon’s coast.


NEW Report from Beyond ToxicsOregon’s Industrial Forests and Herbicide Use: A Case Study of Risk to People, Drinking Water and Salmon

Laurie Bernstein, US Forest Service Fish Biologist and GIS Specialist, retired
Lisa Arkin, Executive Director, Beyond Toxics
Roberta Lindberg, M.S., J.D.

Download Report (2 versions; both PDF files)

Radio interviews


Lisa Arkin’s Letter to the Editor in the Dec. 15, 2014 edition of the Eugene Register-Guard: “Strengthen spray protections”

An excellent video summarizing the pesticide forestry issue in Oregon from the Pacific Rivers Council…

Timberland herbicide spraying sickens a community by Rebecca Clarren, High Country News
Companies hire helicopter pilots to deposit thousands of pounds of herbicides each year on Oregon forests

Key 2015 articles related to to poisoning of forest workers

These crappy cell-phone videos could save people from getting weed killer sprayed on them
by Daniel Rivero, Fusion

3-part series from Oregonian writer, Rob Davis

1) Oregon agencies blew off complaints, red flags before helicopter sprayed weed killers on residents by Rob Davis, Oregonian – Oregonian journalist Rob Davis writes an expose on the failings of state agencies to investigate forestry pesticide spray problems!

2) In Oregon, helicopters spray weed killers near people under West Coast’s weakest protections by Rob Davis, Oregonian

3) 8 things you should know about helicopter spraying of weed killers on Oregon timberlands by Rob Davis, Oregonian – Third article in a series written by Rob Davis, The Oregonian, about the problem of aerial herbicide sprays used in industrial forestry practices.

Oregon Residents Challenge the State “Right-to-Farm” Law – Rebekah Wilce, PR Watch – Sept. 8, 2014 | More background on lawsuit filed in August

Read Lisa Arkin’s blog on the forestry pesticide issue, “The future of Oregon’s clean-flowing drinking water

Read Lisa Arkin’ Guest Editorial for the Oregonian/Oregon LIVE: Oregon Forest Practices Act needs to be updated – Oct. 14, 2013

Do Oregon’s clear-cut and pesticide buffers protect drinking water from creeks, rivers? By Scott Learn, The Oregonian (August 20, 2013)

Managing O&C Forestlands: Perspectives Of A Conservationist & An Economist
City Club of Eugene (Recorded on Dec. 13, 2013; Air Date: Dec. 16, 2013)


Testing for pesticides*
NOTE: Beyond Toxics cannot recommend one company over another, we are simply providing resources for consumers to investigate for themselves.

Glyphosate: #takethetest
Feed the World has set up the first ever validated glyphosate testing (LC/MS/MS) for the general public worldwide, which will be provided in the U.S. with the support of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA).

Multiple pesticides
Pacific Agricultural Laboratory


* If you know of other companies in Oregon that do this kind of testing, please contact me: info (at) beyondtoxics (dot) org and I will endeavor to add them. Thanks!

Highway 36/Triangle Lake Area Exposure Investigation (background/history)

Oregon could lose millions for coastal streams as feds target logging pollution
by Rob Davis, Oregonian

On Jan. 10th, 2012 Beyond Toxics sent a letter to Jae Douglas of the Oregon Health Authority, officially requesting Forestry Pesticide Spray Records (PDF file)

REPORT: “The Economic Importance of Federal Forests to the Pacific Northwest’s Economy” – Testimony of Ernie Niemi (ECONorthwest) to the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests & Public Lands oversight field hearing, “Failed Federal Forest Policies: Endangering Jobs, Forests and Species.” May 21, 2012

Read our pesticide exposure stories (tell us your own–send us an email)

Pesticide Action Network’s DATABASE of searchable chemicals and products

Pesticide Reform Action page (sign our Pesticide Reform Statement of Principles)

Pesticide Reform Resources

Pesticide Reform home page


An important article by freelance writer, Jon Gosch, about forestry pesticide spraying in southwestern Washington

Growing Evidence Links Herbicides to Elk Hoof Disease
After Five Years of Active Investigation, WDFW Officials Still Scratching Their Heads

“Something is afoot in our local forests, and I’m convinced that the epidemic of hoof disease currently ravaging the elk population surrounding Mount St. Helens is only the alarm.”

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