Air Pollution

Eugene City Council votes to ban natural gas and other fossil fuel infrastructure in new homes

Eugene has banned natural gas and other fossil fuel infrastructure in new homes, townhouses and other residential structures no taller than three stories. City councilors voted 5-3 to pass an ordinance that will apply to building permit applications submitted on or after June 30, 2023. Read more about the victory and the health risks of gas stoves.

COMMUNITY VICTORY FOR THE RIGHT TO CLEAN AIR: Discovery of dioxin-contaminated soil and intense pressure from Beyond Toxics and the West Eugene community leads to JH Baxter closing down!

After intense, ongoing public pressure and mounting evidence of dangerous levels of toxic pollution, JH Baxter, a creosote manufacturer and chronic polluter in West Eugene, announced it is closing its doors on January 31st. The company will keep a skeleton crew onsite to manage clean up requirements.

Last week, Beyond Toxics, in collaboration with the Active Bethel Community organization, sent letters to Eugene's Mayor and City Council demanding that our elected officials ask Governor Brown and the DEQ to issue a Cease and Desist order. The goal of this order was to force JH Baxter to immediately halt all actions that emitted pollution or contributed to contamination.

Beyond Toxics plays key role in stopping Covanta giveaway

Beyond Toxics played a key role in derailing a bill in the 2019 legislature to exempt the Covanta trash incinerator from carbon pollution reduction requirements. | Check out Lisa Arkin's blog, “Trashy and Tricky.”

Cleaner Air Oregon policy enacted

Beyond Toxics played a leading role in a broad coalition to finalize the Cleaner Air Oregon policy enactment. We were tough on advocating for stronger standards that force industrial polluters to reduce their emissions to protect community health and to achieve clean and healthy air. Introducing a bill for Community Toxics Right to Know in 2017 led the state of Oregon to adopt a new requirement that industries report their air toxics emissions inventory and make the data accessible to the public.

See "Traversing the gauntlet," a blog by Lisa Arkin:

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