At the request of Beyond Toxics, Bee City Eugene and our strong community of bee protectors, Governor Tina Kotek has proclaimed May 15th to be Oregon Native Bee Day!

Let's celebrate the unsung heroes of our ecosystems: Oregon's Native Bees! This spring, let's show our gratitude and support for these vital pollinators.

Looking for some buzz-worthy ways to get involved? Here are a few ideas:

Plant a bee-friendly garden filled with native plants that provide blooms all spring and summer.

Photograph the beauty of bees in your surroundings and enter our upcoming Beauty of the Bee Photo Contest!

Provide nesting sites for native bees by leaving bare ground or installing bee hotels.

Participate in No/Low Mow May! Dandelions and clovers are some of a bee’s earliest foods available after winter. Leave them be until more blooms crop up!

Every little action counts in protecting our precious pollinators! Let's make every day Oregon Native Bee Day by showing love and appreciation for our wonderful bees.

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