20-Year Celebration of the Williams, OR “No-Spray/Mow-Day” Program

Beyond Toxics got this note from Williams, OR resident and activist, Lisa Horn, on last weekend’s Mow Day (Aug. 6th):

“About 15 Williams, Oregon residents showed up on Mow Day and mowed approximately 20 miles, from dawn to afternoon, using push mower, weed whips, and a riding mower. The higher elevations need another Mow Day or so, but this has completed almost half of the manual weed removal agreement with Josephine County Public Works for 2011. Thank you, volunteers!”

Beyond Toxics sponsors the no-spray project in other counties to support clean water and a healthy environment. Reducing pesticides also helps protect Oregon’s wildlife, particularly native salmon and trout . Using mowing instead of harsh pesticides to kill weeds also protects the health of all the people living along and driving on rural roads.

A couple of video clips from Mow Day 2011:

Mow Day 2011 in Williams, Oregon – Mowing Williams roadside, elder protecting soil and water, for the next generations, thank you Al! Behind the wheel of the truck trailing behind the mower was a driver who wanted to support Al’s effort.

Mow Day 2011 in Williams, Oregon – Mow Day volunteer Jeb C. using push mower on Williams roadside, to keep the county spray trucks away from our town. Bicyclists rode behind in solidarity.